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October 10, 2003


Deteriorating and contaminated Cripple Cove and Stacy Blvd get needed facelift


GLOUCESTER – Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey today joined local and state officials at the Benjamin Smith Park-Cripple Cove Public Landing to celebrate the completion of Cripple Cove and Stacy Boulevard seawall reconstruction projects.


“Reconstructing these seawalls provides Gloucester’s maritime community with the foundation for a thriving harbor,” said Healey. “Governor Romney and I recognize the importance of commercial fishermen and maritime businesses to the economic health of our great state. We will continue our commitment to sustain one of Massachusetts most vital industries.”


Healey said that with the reconstruction, the previously collapsed section of the Stacy Boulevard seawall along Blynman Canal will soundly handle the harbor’s busy traffic. The work on the Cripple Cove seawall included removing lightly contaminated sediment from the adjacent Benjamin-Smith Park that hosts a playground. The project also built a careening facility for use by recreational and commercial fishing boats for bottom maintenance and repairs.


“We are very pleased to officially announce the reopening of Benjamin Smith Park and the completion of Cripple Cove and Blynman Canal seawall reconstruction,” said Gloucester Mayor John Bell. “We thank the Romney/Healey Administration for their support and look forward to a long standing partnership with the Commonwealth as we continue to revitalize our waterfront assets for an improved quality of life for all Gloucester citizens.”


Today’s celebration is part of a larger project to restore four seawalls in Gloucester Harbor, all which promise to support the commercial fishing industry and to prepare the harbor for much needed dredging. The four seawalls include Robinson’s Landing, Cripple Cove and Stacy Boulevard, which are all complete, as well as Fort Square, which is currently under construction. The Romney/Healey Administration contributed $2.2 million from the Seaport Advisory Council to the seawall reconstruction projects.


To date the Seaport Advisory Council has invested over $52 million in capital improvement projects for Massachusetts’ vital port and harbor assets.


“The completion of the seawall projects marks a significant step toward the Seaport Council’s goal to revitalize the state’s port assets,” said Executive Secretary of the Seaport Council, Richard Armstrong. “Under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Healey, the Council will continue its aggressive strategy to preserve, restore and improve the Commonwealth’s landside infrastructure to equip Massachusetts’ maritime industries with state-of-the-art port facilities needed to be competitive in today’s marketplace.”





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