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“Massachusetts Governor Calls for More Tech Innovation”

Stan Gibson, eWeek


“’I want to make sure that Massachusetts remains competitive.’ Speaking of the nation, he said, ‘I want the center of technology and innovation to remain here. I am overwhelmingly optimistic about our ability to rise to the occasion.’”


“He said government must invest in technology, power generation and material science. He also advocated granting citizenship to foreign students graduating from U.S. universities. He favored government funding of university research but complained, ‘We're cutting back so we can fuel entitlements.’”


“Romney cited IT innovation during his tenure as governor. He said state services are now delivered through a common portal so that citizens needing aid can be informed instantly of all the programs for which they are eligible. He said that IT housecleaning had also removed ineligible citizens from some programs.”


“He also voiced support for the state's policy to insist that state documents be stored in the OpenDocument format so that they might be accessible indefinitely at no charge to taxpayers. Microsoft has objected to the policy since it would mean storing documents in non-Microsoft formats.”


Stan Gibson, eWeek, 11/16/05


"It's wonderful that Asia is rising to become a great economic power. They are hard working, family-oriented, educated and ambitious," Romney said. "They don't just want to make toys, they want to make MRI machines and jumbo jets. Just as the center of manufacturing moved from Europe to the U. S., they want to keep it moving to Asia. Asia would like us to become the France of the 21st century.“


"China and India have a population a multiple of ours. They have natural resources. There is no reason they can't emerge as the superpower.


The only way we can preserve that role

for ourselves is through innovation. It's erroneous that we do high-level work here and send low-level work abroad. When our market is no longer the largest market in the world, the idea that we're going to be innovating and they're going to be copying is erroneous," Romney said.


“Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's Message: Globalize or Die”


Paula Rooney, CRN


“’U.S. businesses must globalize or whither away and die.’ That's the message Massachusetts' governor and top technology executives said at the Forrester Research executive strategy summit in Boston on Wednesday.”


“Gov. Mitt Romney, a former Bain Capital venture capitalist who is mulling a presidential run in 2008, said jobs will continue to be lost to emerging economies but U.S. businesses have far more to gain by selling their products into massive markets such as China and India than they risk losing by not participating at all.”


During his keynote, Romney warned that the U.S is unduly arrogant about its role as an innovator and that offshore engineers will surpass their counterparts here in numbers and quality without focused effort on education and innovation by private industry in conjunction with state and federal governments.”


“’There's a common misperception that we do all the innovation and send off the grunt work to people offshore, that some how American technology does all the high-end work and we send out routine drafting elsewhere,’ Romney said. ‘We have the perception we're the best and the brightest but we didn't score as well as others in some studies.’”

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