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Governor Mitt Romney and the letter "A"


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  • “I understand that my views on laws governing abortion set me in the minority in our Commonwealth. I am pro-life.”
    • Governor Mitt Romney


  • “For all the conflicting views on this issue, it speaks well of our country that we recognize abortion as a problem. The law may call it a right, but no one ever called it a good, and, in the quiet of conscience people of both political parties know that more than a million abortion s a year cannot be squared with the good heart of America.”
    • Governor Mitt Romney


  • “Many women considering abortion face terrible pressures, hurts, and fears; we should come to their aid with all the resourcefulness and empathy we can offer. At the same time, the starting point should be the innocence and vulnerability of the child wanting to be born.”
    • Governor Mitt Romney, “Why I vetoed the contraception bill” Boston Globe Op-Ed, July 26, 2005


  • “I am firmly pro-life.”
    • Governor Mitt Romney, Fox News Sunday (February 26, 2006)


Abraham Lincoln




ROMNEY: "You know, I'm never going to get into a discussion about my personal beliefs and about particular doctrines of my church, and so forth. I'm very proud of my church. It was the church of my father, and his father, and his father before him.

But what I can say is this. And I go back to a speech that Abraham Lincoln made when he was 28 years old, the Lyceum Address, when he said that America has a political religion and that people who are elected to office subscribe to this political religion, which is to place the oath of office, an oath to abide by a nation of laws and the Constitution, above all others." Governor Mitt RomneyMass. Gov. Mitt Romney on 'FNS'




  • “It is time to quit tinkering around the edges with an organization that over the years has proven immune to serious reform. Massachusetts taxpayers and the people who use our state recreational facilities deserve better. Under my plan, they will finally get the accountability and cost-efficiency we should all expect from those entrusted with the management of our public funds.”


  • “Billions of taxpayer dollars were invested into the Central Artery project, yet no direct oversight of this project by state government exists. Political accountability and fiscal responsibility are the twin principles behind these sorely needed reforms.”


  • “With this merger, we will once and for all put an end to the blame shifting that occurred during the financial mismanagement of the Big Dig, and achieve sustainable savings by managing our roadways more efficiently.”


  • “Today marks a significant move towards reforming our correctional system. For too long, our system of corrections has operated in the shadows of government, with very little oversight and accountability. It’s time to shine a light on how we can better improve the management of our prisons.”



Abstinence Education

  • “In my service as Governor, I’ve never had anyone complain to me that their kids are not learning enough about sex in school. However, a number of people have asked me why it is that we do not speak more about abstinence as a safe and preventive health practice,” said Romney. “Abstinence education gives young people the support they need in making the decision to postpone sexual activity until they are mature enough to handle the emotional, moral and financial responsibilities of parenthood,” he said. “This is more than teaching kids to say no – it will help them preserve self-esteem and build character.”



AIDS prevention

  • "In this era of fiscal belt-tightening, we need to ensure that Massachusetts continues to lead the nation on public health issues - from AIDS prevention to bioterrorism preparedness."




  • “I think we ought to have more oil. We ought to develop more sources of oil so that we can increase our supply. But the last thing I want to do is suck it all dry as quickly as we can. I want to use less of it.”
    • Governor Mitt Romney, Interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews (December 2005)




  • “We're in a position where unless we take action, we'll end up being the France of the 21st century: a lot of talk, but not a lot of strength behind it in terms of economic capability.”


  • "American values are at the heart of America's historic rise to world leadership. These include, among others, respect for hard work, sacrifice, civility, love of family, respect for life, education and love of freedom."
    • Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Mitt Romney


  1. American foreign affairs are plagued by bureaucratic inaction.
  2. America should reform our immigration laws.
  3. America should end illegal immigration.
  4. America should encourage legal immigration.
  5. America should streamline the system to recruit and retain highly-skilled workers.
  6. America should welcome the best and the brightest from around the world to our universities.
  7. America should not tax middle class savings.
  8. America should reform our immigration laws.
  9. America should end illegal immigration.
  10. America should encourage legal immigration.
  11. America should streamline the system to recruit and retain highly-skilled workers.
  12. America should welcome the best and the brightest from around the world to our universities.
  13. America should not tax middle class savings.



Affordable Housing

  • “The Village at Marstons Mills represents a down payment on a more affordable future for Barnstable County,” Romney said. “High-quality, affordable housing is just as important as top-notch schools, good jobs, a first-class infrastructure and safe neighborhoods. My Administration is working overtime to create additional housing opportunities for families across a broad range of incomes.”


AIDS prevention

  • "In this era of fiscal belt-tightening, we need to ensure that Massachusetts continues to lead the nation on public health issues - from AIDS prevention to bioterrorism preparedness," said Romney . "I am confident that Christy is the right person to help lead this effort."


American Dream


  • “We want to make it easier for more families in Massachusetts to realize the American dream of buying their own home,” said Governor Romney. “The commitment of these funds from the Bush Administration not only represent downpayments for new homes, they also represent an investment towards a prosperous future for the families of our Commonwealth.”


American Values




ROMNEY: America is under attack from almost every direction. We have been attacked by murderous terrorists here in this great city. Our employers and jobs are threatened by low-cost, highly skilled labor from abroad. American values are under attack from within.


  • "The president is right to point to an international jihadist movement aimed at the collapse of the United States. He has gone after that threat in the right way and with great energy and vigor, and I applaud the fact that he has taken it on very seriously and has not considered it just a criminal action but instead a war action, which requires a military . . . response."
    • Interview with James Taranto (December 2005)


  • “A key part of our homeland security efforts rests on the state’s ability to collect and analyze information on potential threats,” said Romney. “By putting more money into intelligence gathering, we’ll give the State Police the tools they need to be more effective.”


  • "The threat of modern terrorism poses new challenges for law enforcement across Massachusetts and around the nation," said Romney. "These new homeland security funds will allow Bay State communities to work as a coordinated force to collect, analyze and distribute critical terrorism related intelligence and act when necessary."


Additional Mitt Romney topics


Questions that don't need to be asked again of Governor Mitt Romney


Questions asked of Governor Mitt Romney from Interviews, Debates, and others... organized by subject.


Click on the question for the answer.


This would make a great tool for anyone who is interviewing Mitt. You can see the questions that have already been asked a number of times, and which ones still need to be asked.


ABC News' Iran Intel Leak:


  1. Neil Cavuto
    1. What did you make of ABC News' Iran Intel Leak?
    2. You say releasing this info was a risk to human lives?
    3. Do you believe ABC checked with the CIA before publishing the story?
    4. Should ABC be punished?



  1. George Stephanopoulos
    1. So do you now believe that abortion is murder?
    2. Should women who have abortions and doctors who perform them be jailed?
    3. If it's killing, why should states have leeway?
    4. What do you believe the punishment should be for an abortion?
  2. Wolf Blitzer
    1. Have you changed your opinion on Abortion?
    2. What is your current position on abortion?
    3. How do you account for your change on abortion?
  3. 1st Debate
    1. Would it be a good day for America if Roe v Wade was repealed?
    2. Have you always been for life or effectively pro-choice?
    3. When you said that being a pro-life president entails more than just appointing strict constructionist judges, was that directed at Giuliani?
  4. 2nd Debate
    1. What would you say to someone who lost a wife or a daughter to an illegal abortion if you named the Supreme Court justice who tipped the balance and over turned Roe v Wade?
    2. Governor Romney, during this campaign, you have been criticized -- and again tonight you've been criticized -- for changing your position on some issues. You say that it's a part of learning from experience. Can you point to an area in which your learning from experience led you to change to a position that is less popular with the Republican base?
  5. Katherine Jean Lopez
    1. Were you faking it when you said you were pro-choice?
  6. Dan Balz, David S Broder and Ruth Marcus
    1. Do you support making abortion illegal?
  7. Mary Katharine Ham
    1. What do you think about the partial-birth abortion ban?
  8. Mike Allen
    1. What policies would you initiate to show your sincerity?
  9. 3rd Debate
    1. Why should people who oppose abortion believe you are pro-life?
  10. 4rth Debate
    1. If abortion is murder why leave it up to the states?



  1. Neil Cavuto
    1. What did you make of Ahmadinejad warning Israel that it may be uprooted?



  1. 1st Debate
    1. What do you dislike most about America?



  1. Katherine Jean Lopez
    1. Governor, you recently got back from a trip to Asia. What were you doing there?
    2. Did you have qualms going to China?


Automobile Industry

  1. Hugh Hewitt
    1. What should the government do to help the automobile industry?





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