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Governor Mitt Romney Actions:


Governor Mitt Romney:















I would like to help organize the facts so that when people say un-true stuff about Governor Mitt Romney we can respond.


Each of the Mitt Romney press releases follows the standard sentence structure. It says who is doing something, uses an action word, and then says what was done.


I have been organizing each of the press releases by topics but I decided I could make each of the action words in the sentence a link also. So when you read a press release on my site, that says, "Mitt Romney appoints a new HR director”, you can click on the word appoints, and find all the other appointments that Mitt Romney made.


That is the cool thing about these wikipedia sites. You can click on almost every word, and learn more about that topic.


If you get a chance, try it out and tell me if it is lame or not.


These are the action words that I have so far:



2003 Appointments


2004 Appointments



2004 Appointments


2006 Appointments


What Governor Mitt Romney says of those he appoints



  • "In this era of fiscal belt-tightening, we need to ensure that Massachusetts continues to lead the nation on public health issues - from AIDS prevention to bioterrorism preparedness," said Romney . "I am confident that Christy is the right person to help lead this effort." Source: 01-16-2003 Press Release
  • “The Massachusetts Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to judges as 'free, impartial and independent as the lot of humanity will admit.' Those words were penned by John Adams, and they are the basis not only for our state courts, but for the federal judiciary as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution,” said Romney. Source: 02-11-2003 Press Releases
  • He added, “It is time to renew our commitment to those words. Massachusetts was a trailblazer for judicial integrity in John Adams' day and it can be a trailblazer for the same integrity in our day as well.” Source: 02-11-2003 Press Releases
  • “It is my aim today with this Executive Order to shine a spotlight on the way judges are appointed to the bench,” said Romney. “The citizens of Massachusetts deserve to have a squeaky clean process that has no room for politics and favors.” Source: 02-11-2003 Press Releases
  • “Paul Foster has a unique blend of public and private sector experience that will make him an asset to the Massport Board as they continue taking strides to make all the facilities they manage first-class,” Romney said. “I am thrilled Paul has agreed to take on this important assignment.” Source: 07-17-2003 Press Releases
  • “Each of these individuals are superstars in their respective fields and two of them are graduates of our state university system,” said Romney. “I’m thrilled that these talented people have agreed to volunteer their time to work with the other board members in making the University of Massachusetts a top-flight institution.” Governor Mitt Romney Source: 10-04-2003 Press Release
  • “In his more than 30 years of service to the Commonwealth both by leadership and by example, Judge Daher has compiled a track record of unblemished integrity and unflinching dedication to the values of honest and ethical government,” Romney said. Source: 10-14-2003 Press Release
  • He added, “Judge Daher’s courage, his willingness to stand up and speak out about injustice, to cross the political power structure and to take on the insiders make him the best possible choice for this important position.” Romney said. Source: 10-14-2003 Press Release
  • “As Director of Consumer Affairs, Beth Lindstrom has been instrumental in protecting the rights of consumers while balancing the needs of business so that our economy can prosper,” Romney said. He added, “Her experience as a consumer advocate combined with her former role as Executive Director of the Lottery make Beth the perfect addition to the Commission.” Source: 11-06-2003 Press Release


What thos that Mitt Romney has appointed say about him


  • “It is an honor and a privilege to serve Governor Romney in this capacity,” said Foster, who attended his first Board meeting today. “I look forward to working with Chief Executive Officer Craig Coy and the other members of the Board.”
  • “I was particularly impressed that when the Governor called me he did not ask for political affiliation or suggest an agenda to pursue with regard to the University. He just said he wanted an established academic on the board that would follow the values and ideals that are consistent with the reputation of UMass.” Dr. DiBiaggio, Source: 10-04-2003 Press Release
  • “On behalf of my colleagues, I want to thank Governor Romney for making three truly remarkable appointments to the UMass Board of Trustees,” said Grace K. Fey, Chairman of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees. Source: 10-04-2003 Press Release
  • “We see the strength of Governor Romney’s commitment to the University of Massachusetts reflected in the caliber of the people who are joining our Board. The fact that two of these distinguished leaders are graduates of the University of Massachusetts is a source of great pride. I am certain that Bill O’Shea, Dr. Christine Cassel and Dr. John DiBiaggio will bring wisdom, enthusiasm and commitment to our board,” Fey said. Source: 10-04-2003 Press Release
















Governor Mitt Romney: Making government more efficient.


Governor Mitt Romney Consolidation Quotes


  • “Throughout this process, we have been guided by a desire to simplify our health and human services agencies to better serve recipients. Rather than requiring families to navigate the current red tape jungle, we are consolidating functions to better help those who cannot help themselves. Families requiring HHS services now face a confusing alphabet soup of state agencies to access the help they need.”


  • “You went through a tremendous evaluation process to decide where to consolidate the plant. You analyzed over 30 scenarios and considered many other states. In the end, you decided to stay here in Massachusetts and for that, I salute you,” Romney told company officials during a tour of the facility.


  • “Massachusetts proved to be the best decision considering all the variables. We have the people, the capital and the technology market.”


  • “The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission office currently located on Middlesex Avenue will move to the Department of Transitional Assistance office located here at One Davis Square, saving taxpayers $108,000. It's just plain common sense to join two agencies together rather than having two offices half empty.”


  • “As my 'Common Sense for the Commonwealth' program is implemented, taxpayers will see our outdated 1950's style bureaucracy transformed into a leaner, more efficient and better organized state government.”


Governor Mitt Romney Consolidation Press Releases



Governor Mitt Romney Consolidation Actions


Office of Child Care Services


  • Closing Springfield Office. Staff move to DTA Office, 310 State Street
  • Closing Quincy Office at 1250 Hancock Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 1515 Hancock Street, Quincy
  • Closing Westboro Office. Staff move to DTA Office, 340 Main Street, Worcester
  • Closing Lakeville Office. Staff move to DTA Office, 21 Spring Street, Taunton
  • Closing Beverly Office. Staff move to DTA Office, 35 Congress Street, Salem



Department of Mental Health


  • Closing Springfield Office located at 503 State Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 310 State Street, Springfield
  • Closing Medfield Office. Staff move to MA Hospital School, Canton
  • Closing Lawrence. Staff move to DTA Office, 755 Main Street, Haverhill
  • Closing Haverhill Office located at 52-54 Washington Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 755 Main Street Haverhill
  • Closing Hyannis Office. Staff move to DTA Offices, 77 High School Road Extension, Barnstable and 155 Katherine Lee Bates Road, Falmouth
  • Closing Worcester Office, 322 Main Street. Staff move to Bryan Building on the grounds of Worcester State Hospital


Massachusetts Commission for the Blind


  • Closing Springfield Office. Staff move to DTA Office, 310 State Street, Springfield


Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Heard of Hearing


  • Closing Worcester Offices, 340 Main Street and 9 Walnut Street. Staff move to Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission Office, 359 Main Street
  • Closing Springfield Office. Staff move to DTA Office 310 State Street, Springfield



Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission Office


  • Closing North Adams Office, 85 Main Street. Staff move to DTA Office 37 Main Street
  • Closing Holyoke Office, 187 High Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 72 Front Street, Holyoke
  • Closing Somerville Office, 5 Middlesex Avenue. Staff move to DTA Office, 1 Davis Square, Somerville
  • Closing Quincy Office, 275 Hancock Street. Staff move to DTA office, 1515 Hancock Street, Quincy
  • Closing Plymouth Office, 40 Industrial Park Road. Staff move to DTA Office, 61 Industrial Park Road, Plymouth
  • Closing Salem Office, 45 Congress Street. Staff move to DTA office, 35 Congress Street, Salem
  • Closing Natick Office. Staff move to DTA Office, 110 Mt. Wayte Avenue, Framingham
  • Closing Lowell Office, 325 Chelmsford Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 1313 Davidson Street, Lowell
  • Closing Lawrence Office, 1 Parker Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 755 Main Street, Haverhill
  • Closing Fitchburg Office, 76 Summer Street. Staff move DTA Office, 437 Main Street, Fitchburg
  • Closing Brockton Office, 55 City Hall Plaza. Staff move to DTA Office, 75 Commercial Street, Brockton
  • Closing Sturbridge Office. Move to DTA Office, 79 North Street, Southbridge
  • Closing Milford Office, 100 Medway Road. Move to DTA Office, 25 Birch Street, Milford
  • Closing Malden Office, 157 Pleasant Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 200 Pleasant Street, Malden



Department of Mental Retardation


  • Closing Greenfield Office. Staff move to DTA Office 6 Arch Street, Greenfield
  • Closing Lowell Office, 325 Chelmsford Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 131 Davidson Street, Lowell
  • Closing Southbridge Office, 309 Main Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 79 North Street, Southbridge



Department Public Health


  • Closing Boston Office, Causeway Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 300 Ocean Avenue, Revere
  • Closing Boston Office, 174 Portland Street. Staff move to DTA Office, 90 Washington Street, Roxbury



Department of Social Services


  • Closing Boston Office, 38 Wareham Street. Staff move to DSS Offices, Roxbury and Dorchester

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