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An ID system for guest workers would cost too much

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An ID system for guest workers would cost too much.

Reasons to disagree

  1. Visa sends me about 5 cards a year. I am able to spend thousands of dollars with these cards. If Visa is able to give these cards away for free, and they are secure enough to spend thousands of dollar on them, we aught to be able to have a tamperproof ID card, with bio-metric data on it.




  1. Obama is wrong on immigration.
  2. Laws strong enough to discourage employing illegal aliens would be extreme.
  3. An ID system would harm privacy.
  4. It is extreme to not let people stay in America who broke the law to get here.
  5. The way we treat illegal immigrants is the way they treated Anne Frank.
  6. People won't have enough money to self-deport.

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