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  1. Governor Mitt Romney is a flip-floper.
  2. Romney changed his position on abortion.
  3. Romney changed his position on gay marriage.
  4. Romney is a liberal.
  5. Romney is a RINO.
  6. Romney's involvements with the Mormon Church indicate that he is not qualified to be president.
  7. A Mormon could not win the presidency in 2008
  8. Romney criticized his state.
  9. Romney is a smooth talker.



I hacked into the Boston Globe's servers last night and found this little tidbit. Hope your like it.


The play book for defeating Romney

How to mischaracterize Governor Mitt Romney, who he is, and everything he stands for.


  1. Mormonism: People don't like Morons. Exploit that.
  2. Guilt by association: When someone Romney knows, has spoken to, or has helped Romney does something stupid, try to make it sound like Romney was the mastermind cause of the stupidity. Also work Romney in somehow with all of the bad Mormons throughout history. See above.
  3. Attack his status as a member of a minority group. See Mormonism.
  4. Quote him out of context. Write an article in a Boston newspaper about what Romney said, but only quote one line from his speech. Do not link to the speech, and only quote those who disagree with him. In summery write a longer explanation of what he said than it would have been to just copy and paste his whole speech. Try to work in somehow that he is a Mormon.
  5. Oversimplify. If Mitt Romney does not believe that gays should be allowed to Marry, but he has gone out of his way to make them feel welcome at the Salt Lake Olympics, supports other legal rights, just not marriage, accuse him of hating gays, even when he says that we are all Gods children and deserve to have respect. Work in the fact that he is Mormon.
  6. Lie. When Romney jokes about how few Republicans there are in Massachusetts, say that he is making fun of the whole state. Make a big deal out of it, and quote blue collar works saying that if he hates the state so much, he should just leave, all because he said he was a speck of Red in a sea of blue.
  7. Equate "specific democrats" with "everyone in Massachusetts". Say Romney is making fun of "you" when he makes fun of "Ted Kennedy", "John Kerry", or "Michael Dukakas".
  8. Act indignant when someone says something that is an indisputable truth.
  9. Assume that because you are a liberal, you are incapable of discrimination, or trying to associate individuals with negative perceptions of groups.
  10. Play home team politics by criticizing Republicans who travels outside of Massachusetts. Encourage people from New York to ignore all the travel that Hillary is doing. Criticize republicans for doing anything that might be necessary to become elected president. This way republicans won't be able to do things necessary to become president, and democrats will be able to do things necessary to become president, and the good guys will become president, and the republicans won't.

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