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Are garnishing of wages even and tax penalties part of your plan

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Hugh Hewitt: Of course, the Globe ran with the harshest part. The individual mandate, which could lead to garnishing of wages even, and tax penalties. Is that part of your plan?


Governor Mitt Romney: Absolutely, which is if somebody shows up at the hospital, and they can afford to pay, and they haven’t bought insurance, they can’t just say look. I don’t want to pay for this bill. I’m going to walk away. We actually, and already have the current practice of saying, look. If you can afford to pay, we’re going to garnish your wages and make sure that you pay back the hospital or the doctor that you got free care from. We’re calling it the personal responsibility principle. Everyone has responsibility to either have insurance, or be willing to pay their own bill. And the key thing here is, our insurance premiums are being brought down dramatically. We’re bringing our rates down so that the ordinary citizens, particularly in small enterprises that haven’t been insured before, can finally get insurance. There’s no need. When people say around the country, gosh. We’ve got forty million people that are uninsured. There’s no need for the government to take over health care to solve this problem. The private market is going to be able to do it, as people are able to get that private insurance.



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