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Boston Newspapers

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“The line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one.” Edward R. Murrow


In this essay:




Orson Scott Card says:


“Here's the sad fact about the human race. Yesterday's revolution keeps calling itself a revolution, but in fact it quickly becomes the establishment – repressive, narrow-minded, unquestioning, cruel, smug, and stupid. So sure they're the only ones with right ideas that they work hard to silence anybody with different ones. Happens over and over again. And whenever you question the establishment, they trot out the old bugbears that they fought against.”


This is the way that I look at the liberal Boston Newspapers. They believe they are speaking truth to power when they attack Mitt Romney, even though they are the establishment. They must be incapable of seeing their actions as persecution. The only way I can explain this is that some liberals must only apply the words of a liberal hero, Edward R Murrow, when these words keep people from persecuting their side. Edward R. Murrow said; "The line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one…" I believe that if the Boston Newspapers honestly evaluated their treatment of Mitt Romney, they would admit that they have crossed the line of investigation into persecution over and over again.


This quote was said in context of the infamous senatorial hearings of Joseph McCarthy. However liberals are not the only victims of persecution, and they are not the only ones who can decide what is “investigation” and what is “persecution”. Well, actually, they are the only ones who decide when they own the format in which the discussion is being conducted.


I believe that there are many similarities between the Joseph McCarthy hearing and the way that the Boston Newspapers have treated Mitt Romney. One similarity is that the accuser is unable to dispute the case against them, because the evidence has been locked away.


In the McCarthy era, those who were accused of being communist by McCarthy, often had classified evidence that was locked away so that the accuser could not defend themselves. In today’s era, the Boston Newspapers publish daily accusations against Governor Mitt Romney on their websites. Just like Joseph McCarthy, they do not allow any further investigation of their allegations. They do not allow readers to post obvious corrections to grossly exaggerated claims. If Joseph McCarthy was interested in finding truth, he would have allowed further investigation of his accusations. If the Boston Globe was interested in the truth, they would do the same.


Eventually people got tired of Joseph McCarthy. They realized that he had an agenda, and that he was not an independent seeker of truth. Edward R. Murrows researched his techniques, and put forward a well researched and documented analysis of his methods. People are starting to do the same with the Boston Newspapers. This article examines the Boston Globe’s hypocracy in the way it dealt with two non-profit organizations.




But this article only takes on a couple posts, when the attack against Romney and Republicans in Massachusetts is relentless.


When you do a “Google-News-Search” for Mitt Romney today, you will find this article:




Titled: "Steep slide for Mass. GOP"


It mentions the following:


“In January, Democrats will hold all six statewide constitutional offices, all 12 seats in Congress, roughly 7-to-1 majorities in both chambers of the state Legislature, and all eight seats on the Governor's Council. The highest ranking Republican officeholders in the state will be a smattering of district attorneys and county sheriffs. The party's slide has been so precipitous that Republicans yesterday did not contest 130 of 200 legislative seats, fielded a challenger in only three of 10 congressional districts, and put up fewer candidates for statewide office (three) than the Green-Rainbow Party (four).”


The article blames Romney for the problem, ending with quotes from James Rappaport.


"Locally, this is a rebuke to Mitt Romney who checked out within six months after being elected and having accomplished almost nothing,"


Of course the article mentioned that Romney traveled too much, which, I am not kidding, The Boston Newspapers have repeated every day since Romney came into office.


So according to this wonderful piece of puke, Romney has accomplished "almost nothing". No where is anything mentioned about balancing the largest deficit Massachusetts has ever faced without raising taxes.


Just like Barbary Bush is through with Al Frankin, I am through with Boston Newspapers. I will try my hardest to never read from them again. They have lost all credibility with me.


I am sick and tired of hearing the Boston Newspapers repeat day after day how Romney travels too much, without ever mentioning anything important that he has missed. They must have missed the following press release from the State of Massachusetts:


“With Veterans Day right around the corner, a shortfall in the account that pays a life insurance benefit to Massachusetts National Guard members was covered by Governor Mitt Romney today when he transferred funds from his own office account to make up the deficiency. Romney took the action since the Legislature is not meeting in formal

session and to ensure that National Guard members continue to receive the benefits to which they are entitled.”


So let me see if I can get this right… The legislators were not in session, and so Romney took care of it. How many of the legislatures were, heaven forbid, out of state? Oh, they all have D's by their name. That would not be news-worthy.


Joseph McCarthy was very popular for a while. He pulled the wool over the eyes of lots of Americans. His methods were not fair. Joseph McCarthy was not an independent seeker of truth, but he was very successful. The Boston Newspapers methods are not fair, but they are very successful. They have convinced almost everyone in Massachusetts to vote democratic. The Boston Globe blames Mitt Romney for Republican failures in Massachusetts. I wonder how much of the Democratic parties success in Massachusetts can be blamed on the Boston Newspapers.


Joseph McCarthy was very popular until someone was brave enough to stand up to his tactics. Edward R Murrows said, "The line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one…" Murrows thought Joseph McCarthy was persecuting those that he labeled as Communist, by investigating them. I am saying the Boston Newspapers has crossed that line in its dealings with republicans.


Edward R Murrows declared war on Joseph McCarthy. I would like to declare war on the Boston Newspapers. Except I am an electrical engineer and don't have enough time to do any of the actual research myself. So I am calling on you to join me in my War against the Boston Newspapers.


To them the only “rebels” are whatever organization they support, like the ACLU. "The establishment" is whatever organization they appose, such as organized religion. They still think they are fighting that war, and they are wiling to use the same "repressive, narrow-minded, unquestioning, cruel, smug, and stupid" techniques that they fought so hard to overcome. After all they are right. They always see themselves as victims of persecution, never as perpetrators, because those who are on the right side can not be convicted of doing anything wrong. The ends justify the means. So they will go around saying the religious right is the American Taliban, when they are the ones who justify their exaggeration, and unbalanced look at the truth, in order to further their cause.




They have become quite the nice little war lords over in Massachusetts, and they have created for themselves a nice little fiefdom of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry loving, republican hating, politically correct, cruel, smug, and stupid, Boston Newspapers reading robots.


Do I sound a little upset?


They think their un-balanced excess investigation (persecution) of anything with an R by its name is justified, because by definition, no matter how much of Massachusetts is run by the democrats, republicans will always be the establishment in their eyes, and they have got to fight against the establishment. They have just got to. They think they are speaking truth to power, when they don't realize they have all the power, and they are being dictatorial. They are the new McCarthy. They follow no rules of journalism, and they have no decency.


Murrows also says that, "we must remember always that accusation is not proof". So even though the Boston Newspapers repeats the lie ever day, that Romney's travels hurt the state of Massachusetts (is that the reason they bring it up? They never come out and say it. They always use innuendo) do not believe them unless they give some sort of reason that Romney should be within the state borders every second of his term.


But the Boston Newspapers knows that reason is not what matters, it is public perception.


The Boston Newspapers does not allow people to post track backs, or responses to accusation. They are not interested in truth. They are interested in furthering their agenda. At least those that Joseph McCarthy spoke to could speak back. The Boston Newspapers repeats their same old story day after day, and we don't get the other side.


The Boston Newspapers is not interested in finding the truth, it is interested in selling advertisements, and installing democrats in every position within Massachusetts. If it was interested in the truth they would post each of the criticism that it has leveled against Mitt Romney. Then it would let readers to post reasons to agree or disagree with its criticism. Is the success of Romney's term of Governor to be measured solely on the number of seconds that he spent within the state, or could we judge him on the things that he did? Is the ability to travel, are the miracles of modern airplane flight beyond the ability of the Boston newspapers to comprehend. Perhaps we could judge him on reforming health insurance. That is something. The Boston Newspapers left us thinking Romney has accomplished nothing. Well, what about all the agencies he consolidated? What about all the offices that he consolidated. What about the Budget he balanced. What about the taxes he didn't raise. What about the laws he passed? What about the laws he proposed. No let’s not talk about those. Those might lead the sheep astray.


Edward R Murrows wanted people to be tried in a court of law. He did not like trial by accusation, trial by senatorial investigation. If it is wrong to assassinate someone's character by accusing them of terrorism, without letting them confront the accusation, then it is wrong to say that Mitt Romney is a do nothing governor, without letting people rebut that accusation. The Boston Newspapers needs to stop being the modern day equivalent of Joseph McCarthy. If republicans are constantly going to be accused of being the spawn of Satan in your liberal newspapers, let them face their accuser with facts. Give them opportunity to see the evidence, and test its validity. Let people respond to the articles you right each day. You will see that your editorial staff with their big egos will be made to look like idiots every day of their lives, when they are no longer in a place of power, where no one can appose them.


Joseph McCarthy could not stand the light of day. He could not stand his tactics to be examined, can you? Can the Boston Newspapers open their website for user comment?

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