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Build And Repair Transportation Infrastructure

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We should build and repair transportation infrastructure.

Reasons to agree

  1. We should invest in infrastructure projects critical to the national economy and its flow of goods and people, instead of funding home-district pork.


Governor Mitt Romney and Transportation


  • "It takes hundreds of nuts to hold a car together, but it takes only one of them to scatter it all over the highway."
    • Evan Esar


Issues like Transportation are the "nuts and bolts issues" that actually affect people's lives.




Governor Mitt Romney and Transportation Quotes


  • “Today, we are revolutionizing bus service at the MBTA. We are taking an aging, polluting fleet and replacing it with ultra-new, world-class, clean energy buses,” said Romney, speaking at Dudley Square Station in Roxbury.


  • "Massachusetts can no longer afford to allow our existing system to crumble under the weight of overuse and official neglect," said Romney. "We need to redirect the state's resources to reflect a priority on repairing what we already have."


  • "Our program encourages development where it is needed, where it contributes new jobs, new housing and new amenities to the region and the local communities without eating up or creating the need for new infrastructure valuable open space," said Romney.




  • “This bill is as good as you can get without actually merging the Turnpike Authority and the Highway Department. But, it’s the first important step toward that end,” said Romney. “This will markedly change the way we manage our transportation system by providing better coordination of our transportation resources and creating potential savings for taxpayers.”


  • “We are working harder, but more importantly, we are working smarter to achieve a better quality of life in Massachusetts for all of our citizens,” said Romney, who presented the awards for the second consecutive year. “I am delighted to recognize cities and towns that are leading the way in spurring important smart growth projects throughout the state.”
  • Governor Mitt Romney




  • “In the post Big-Dig world, we need to focus on getting transportation dollars to every corner of the Commonwealth from Pittsfield to Provincetown. This landmark plan identifies regional and multi-modal transportation priorities for all regions of the Commonwealth in a way that accounts for and maximizes the efficiency of every transportation dollar we spend."



Governor Mitt Romney and Transportation Press Releases



  • 05-16-2006; Healey delivers $10.2 million in water transportation funds



  • 03-10-2005, Romney announces 20-year statewide transportation plan
  • 04-19-2005, Romney honors 9 communities for smart growth innovation
  • 05-02-2005; governor mitt Romney names john Cogliano as transportation secretary



  • 07-21-2004, Romney signs transportation reform legislation



  • 01-14-2003, on transportation, Romney pledges to "fix it first"
  • 01-31-2003; governor mitt Romney unveils no-downpayment loan option; users of public transportation benefit
  • 08-14-2003, Romney introduces state of the art MBTA buses
  • 12-17-2003, Romney kicks off transit oriented development initiative


Transportation Debate

  1. We should not build our lives around cars.
  2. Most people can't walk or bike to any useful destination.
  3. We should encourage mixed income development.
  4. We should encourage mixed use development.

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