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Closing the achievement gap in our schools is the civil rights issue of our time

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Issues / Raising the Bar on Education


Governor Mitt Romney has said that closing the achievement gap in our schools is the civil rights issue of our time.

I would like to hear your reasons to agree or disagree, until then here are my Reasons to agree with Romney:

  1. Sure, if you want to pay for your kid's education, you can spend all you want, but it is not fair that the government should spend more on kids from high property tax areas than they do on low property tax areas. If the government is going to pay for education, the quality should be the same for all kids.
  2. Education is the thing that will most help those who's civil rights have been trampled in the past.
  3. People don't need a handout, they just need to be be given the same chance as everyone else.
  4. Money for education should not come out of property taxes.
  5. If you worked very hard, and are able to live in a place where you pay lots of property tax, perhaps your community has a right to build better parks, roads, side-walks, for you than they do for those in who live in lower property tax areas. But money for schools should come out of general tax dollars, should not come out of property tax dollars, and should pretty much give each community the same quality of education.
  6. Steve: "The kids are the kids of the parents, not the state. And it is the responsibility of the parent to decide when, where, and how that child goes to school."
  7. Cat: "We have enough of the government in our lives. People need to take responsibility".


Reasons to disagree

  1. Minorities tend to segregate themselves into urban environments that good teachers might not be able to afford or want to go. If minorities want to have good schools, like whites and Asians, they might need to move to areas with better schools. These places shouldn't be more expensive to live in, than urban environments that seem to be a part of the problem.


Score: +7 (reasons to agree), -1 (reasons to disagree) = +6 (Total Score) 




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