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Mitt Romney is a good communicator.

Reasons to agree

  1. He doesn't have any annoying communication irregularities, like George W. Bush's smirk.
  2. He doesn't mess words up like George Bush.
  3. Watch the videos on C-Span. He thinks on his feet. He talks fast, so he is not boring to listen to. Not meaning to pick on bush, but Romney doesn't have to stop every 5 seconds to think of the right word.


Reasons to disagree


  1. I just took a speech class, and I got dinged for saying "ah" too much. On this interview, I did notice that he said ah too much, but keeping track of things like this seems to be kind of a looser thing to do, for people who don't have any substantive content worth sharing. I mean a good speech is determined mostly by the content of what is said. But I guess when you say "good communicator" are you talking about substance or style. So maybe he can work a little bit on less ah's, but probably thinking about stuff like that would just mess him up.


It is important to have a good communicator in the white house.

Reasons to agree:

  1. In order to increase the number of republicans in the congress, we need a republican who can defend our principals, and talk to democrats in their language. Romney has proven that he can do this. We need more than someone who can put a check mark in the right boxes, we need someone who is effective at proselytizing the republican cause and principals, who is effective with the media, and with Democrats.
  2. After 8 years of Bush, the republicans need a great communicator in the white house.

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