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conservative leaders

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Gov. Romney has earned the praise of conservative leaders:



  • “Charming. Smart. Conservative.”
    • National Review
  • “We couldn’t be happier with him.”
    • Barbara Anderson, Citizens for Limited Taxation (the leading taxpayer group in Massachusetts)
  • “On either gay marriage or stem cells, a good case can be made that Romney has fought harder for social conservatives than any other governor in America, and it is difficult to imagine his doing so in a more daunting political environment.”
    • John J. Miller, National Review
  • “In the worst possible circumstances, he confronted one of the toughest issues of our politics with considerable moral seriousness and political skill. That’s the mark of a conservative statesman.”
    • Matthew Spalding, The Heritage Foundation
  • “I could in very good conscience support Romney as a fellow social conservative on most of the issues we care about.”
    • Chuck Colson
  • “As more Americans meet Mitt Romney, I think they’ll see beyond the handsome exterior and see not just a good salesman, but a thoughtful (and, yes, conservative) leader.”
    • Kathryn Jean Lopez, syndicated columnist and editor of National Review Online
  • “Mr. Romney could be an attractive presidential candidate. His sunny disposition puts one in mind of Ronald Reagan—he laughs easily and smiles almost continuously….His views put him well within the mainstream of GOP conservatism.”
    • James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
  • “On marriage and cloning, he has provided aggressive leadership as a positive, pro-family governor”
    • Kris Mineau, Massachusetts Family Institute
  • “Mitt Romney is a brave man. While the GOP glitterocracy attended the first gay wedding of one of their own, Gov. Romney was in Washington, D.C., making the single most eloquent and articulate defense of our traditional understanding of marriage I have heard from an American politician.”
    • Maggie Gallager, President, Institute for Marriage and Public Policy
  • “As a politician, Mitt Romney is considered by friend and foe to be the total package.”
    • Dean Barnett, The Weekly Standard

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