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Does the country know enough about radical islam

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Hugh Hewitt: Governor, you wrote in your memoir of the Olympics, the time that you were running the Olympics, that this...like all Americans, you were shocked by 9/11, and saddened, and then of course, the enormity of dealing with the Olympics arriving under the threat of terror arrived...has the country sufficiently advanced, even as you have, on the learning curve about radical Islam in the five years since?


Governor Mitt Romney: No. I think one of the sad things is that we have not developed an understanding of the nature of what's going on in the world of Islam, and how it threatens people there, and how it threatens people in their own country. And you know, I recently heard Tony Blair speak on the battle that's going on, the world of Islam. It was really quite effective. I wish it were better heard and understood in our country. We are facing not just a group of al Qaeda lunatics in the hills of Pakistan, but a worldwide effort to cause the collapse of civilization as we know it, and Western societies. And that is a very real threat, and is going to require vigilence on our part, not just military, but Hugh, using Eisenhower's term, we will have to wage full-out peace to help encourage people to, in the Muslim world, to turn to modernity.



Religion Questions for Governor Mitt Romney

  1. 1st Debate
    1. What do you say to bishops who deny Communion to elected officials who support abortion rights?
    2. Do you accept Huckabee's statement that he wasn't talking about you?
  2. Mike Allen
    1. Why are key tenets of your faith still misunderstood?
    2. How is your church so successful in getting its young people to follow its teachings?
  3. Brian Lamb
    1. Who was Brigham Young?
    2. Well, if you go back -- and I found the name Pratt in your background who was some circuitous route related to Joseph Smith who was one of the founders of Mormonism.
    3. Are you prepared to deal with attacks on your religion?
    4. Do you have an evangelical problem?
    5. Has there been a mood change in the country about the importance of talking about religion?
    6. One place that I found that you almost died (His Mission)
  4. Wolf Blitzer
    1. How do you deal with the fact that you are a Mormon?
  5. Robert B Bluey
    1. Are you prepared to deal with what is bound to be attacks from the media and opponents about your religious faith?
  6. Wolf Blitzer
    1. Will evangelicals support a Mormon?
  7. Hugh Hewitt
    1. Does the country know enough about radical islam?
    2. Do you stand by your use of the word Islamic-facism?
    3. How many times are you going to have to ask and answer these questions?
  8. Jay Leno
    1. Is their enough diversity within the Mormon Church?
  9. Katherine Jean Lopez
    1. Will an exposé on Mormon Christmas celebrations hurt you in the primaries?
  10. George Stephanopoulos
    1. How does your faith inform your politics?
  11. Chris Wallace
    1. Are you a cultist?

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