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Drunk Driving

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Governor Mitt Romney and Drunk Driving

Quotes from Governor Mitt Romney on Drunk Driving


Here are the quotes I found about Drunk Driving from Governor Mitt Romney. Please help me find other ones. I think every victim of repeat offending drunk drivers would want to support Governor Mitt Romney for president in 2008. I think members of Mothers, students, and recording artist against Drunk Driving should all examine his record.


“Drunk drivers endanger the lives of innocent people, and that needs to stop. We need a per se law because it will save lives and reduce the incidence of people driving drunk,” said Romney. Source: 05-06-2003 Press Release


“As the only state in the nation without a per se law, Massachusetts is poised to lose millions of dollars in federal highway funding,” said Romney. “At a time of fiscal crisis, we can’t afford to sacrifice any federal dollars that we could be putting to good use here in Massachusetts.” Source: 05-06-2003 Press Release



“Today, Massachusetts has a tough, new drunk driving law on the books,” Romney said. “Sadly, for many years, we were the only state without a per se statute. Now, we can proudly take our place with the rest of the nation.” Source: 07-03-2003 Press Release


“Stun guns have proven time and time again when used by law enforcement officers in other states that they are an effective tool in stopping suspects,” said Romney. “It is high time for our men and women in blue to utilize this modern crime fighting technology.” Source: 07-15-2004 Press Release


“Two years ago, Melanie Powell went out for a walk with her friends and never came back. Her life was taken by a repeat drunk driver. We can’t bring Melanie back, but we can do everything in our power to prevent this kind of tragedy from occurring again,” said Romney. Source: 05-27-2005 Press Release


"We’re going into overdrive this Labor Day to keep the roads safe here in Massachusetts," said Romney. "The bottom line is: ‘You Booze. You Cruise. You Lose.’" Source: 08-31-2005 Press Release


“Letting drunks get behind the wheel of a two ton automobile is no different from handing them a loaded gun and setting them loose on the streets,” said Romney. “While the legislation that came to my desk last week contains several good provisions, it does not go far enough. I believe we can do better.” Source: 10-26-2005 Press Release


“Today we honor those who have lost their lives in senseless drunk driving tragedies and act to save the lives we could otherwise lose next year,” said Romney. “We have Melanie’s Law today because the citizens of the Commonwealth cared enough to make it happen.” Source: 10-28-2005 Press Release


Drunk Driving Video


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In May of 2005 Governor Romney presented a proposal to the Massachusetts Legislature to crack down on repeat drunk drivers. Massachusetts had some of the weakest drunk driving laws of any state in the country.57 The state was losing $9 million annually from its highway budget because existing laws were not in compliance with federal standards.58 Romney dubbed the legislation “Melanie’s Bill” in honor of 13-year-old Melanie Powell. Melanie was killed in 2003 by a repeat drunk driver while walking to the beach with friends. The bill included provisions that gave prosecutors greater power to go after repeat offenders with stiffer penalties. It also increased license suspensions, raised sentencing guidelines and required repeat drunk drivers to install ignition-interlock devices in their vehicles. Governor Romney urged Massachusetts residents to contact their representatives and ask them to adopt the tough new laws. The House Judiciary Committee stripped many of the tough new provisions of Melanie’s Law and sent a watered-down version to an eventual conference committee.59 Five of the six members of this conference committee were themselves trial laywers who defended drunk drivers.60 The scaled back version of the legislation that reached the Governor’s desk bore little resemblance to Romney’s original plan. In response, the Governor filed amendments to restore some of the key provisions that had been omitted by the legislature. Appearing with families of drunk driving victims at State House press conferences, Romney rallied public support for Melanie’s Bill.61 A massive outcry in favor of the Governor’s plan forced the state legislature to consider Romney’s amendments.62 Pressured by angry constituents and negative media coverage, the House and the Senate restored many of the tough provisions included in the original legislation. In October of 2005 Romney signed Melanie’s Bill into law, creating the toughest drunk driving regulations in Massachusetts history.63

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