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each state should be able to make its own decision

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“…each state should be able to make its own decision, and allow those states that are strongly pro-life to make laws that fulfill the will of their own citizens.”

    • Governor Mitt Romney, Interview with Hugh Hewitt (July 2005)

Reasons to agree:

  1. If abortions cause society to fall apart, we can see that in the crime statistics by comparing pro-life to pro-choice states.
  2. People can vote with their feet if they don't like their states abortion laws.
  3. The federal government cannot say when life begins. +1
  4. The USA will never come to a consensus on Abortion. -2
  5. States get to make other life or death decisions, about crime. 


Reasons to disagree:

  1. If abortion is wrong, it is wrong in every state.
  2. If it is the woman's body, it is the woman's body in every state.
  3. Sometimes there are very important issues that we can't just let states do whatever they want. The states have done very bad things in the past.  


Score: +6 (reasons to agree), -3 (reasons to disagree), -1 (reasons to agree with reasons to agree) = 2


Related issues:

  • Each state should be allowed to make its own decisions about abortion


Motivation of those who agree

  1. Justifying the judgments.



Motivation of those who disagree

  1. Justifying their actions.

Books that agree.



Books that disagree.



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