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Governor Mitt Romney and the letter "F"


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America cannot continue to lead the family of nations around the world if we suffer the collapse of the family here at home.


  • "Experience shows that kids have a far better chance of succeeding if they have a mother and a father at home. Of course, divorce or death means that there will always be many, many single parents; these single parents often make huge sacrifices and their kids can indeed succeed. But let’s do everything we can to encourage our kids to have their kids after they’ve married, not while they’re single and in school. We have sex education in our schools. Let’s also have abstinence education in our schools. Marriage and two parent families are fundamental to the development of children and to our success as a culture. We cannot afford to shrink from the timeless, priceless principles of human experience."
    • Governor Mitt Romney


  • “We can praise the virtues of parental involvement all day, but until we actually get parents to follow through we are simply singing to an empty music hall,” said Romney. “Voluntary programs will not get the job done. It is essential that mandatory training be put in place.”


Financial Crisis


  • "Let's be honest about our financial crisis. It has taken way too long to recognize the need for change. A windfall in tax revenues from the Internet boom and the market's irrational exuberance masked the truth. State government spent the windfall and borrowed even more. We've even used up virtually all our cash, borrowed all our cash, borrowed all the banks will lend us and we are still spending more than we are earning. We are facing a financial emergency."



Questions that don't need to be asked again of Governor Mitt Romney


Questions asked of Governor Mitt Romney from Interviews, Debates, and others... organized by subject.


Click on the question for the answer.


This would make a great tool for anyone who is interviewing Mitt. You can see the questions that have already been asked a number of times, and which ones still need to be asked.



  1. George Stephanopoulos
    1. Is divorse something voters should take into account?
  2. Brian Lamb
    1. Why did your father not give you any of his inheritance?
    2. Did he have a philosophy that he didn’t want to pass on a lot of money to his kids.
  3. Brian Lamb
    1. When you father thought of running for president in ’64, and then actually ran for a while in ’68, how old were you in those years and what did you experience during that time?
    2. You can’t be born out of the country and run for president, how did that work?
    3. When did your father George Romney move to Utah?
    4. At some point I noticed you were on the Points of Light Foundation board, but you go back to either your father starting the volunteer organization that merged into Points of Light? Explain that.
  4. Greta Van Susteren:
    1. How are you different from your father?



5th Debate

    1. Why did you raise fees and fines as Governor?

Flip Flops:

  1. 1st Debate
    1. Have you always been for life or effectively pro-choice?
  2. 2nd Debate
    1. Why isn't your pledge to not raise taxes a blatant appeal to the party base?
  3. Robert B Bluey
    1. Are you a flip-flopper?
  4. 3rd Debate
    1. Why are you airing ads in Spanish if you think English should be the official language?


Foreign Policy

  1. 4rth Debate
    1. Will the spreading of democracy be the core of your foreign policy?




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