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Foreign Policy

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Foreign Policy





Governor Mitt Romney and Foreign Policy


Ten Issues America Must Address to Remain the Economic and Military Superpower






Mitt Romney and Foreign Policy Debate

Governor Mitt Romney is Strong on Foreign Policy.

Reasons to agree

  1. Governor Mitt Romney does have significant international experience.


Reasons to disagree

  1. Most Governors will always get this critique when going up against Senators in elections for POTUS.


Gov. Romney Will Truly Transform Washington's Foreign Policy Practices And Capabilities. "We need to fundamentally change the cultures of our civilian agencies and create dynamic, flexible, and task-based approaches that focus on results rather than bureaucracy. ... For every region, one civilian leader should have authority over and responsibility for all the relevant agencies and departments, similar to the single military commander who heads U.S. Central Command." (Gov. Mitt Romney, "Rising To A New Generation Of Global Challenges," Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007)


When foreign policy leaves our shores it should leave with one voice.

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