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The Shift Towards "Effective Processes" Over Personalities and Propaganda

Are you weary of the politics of personal destruction, cancel culture, cults of personality, and demonization? These are all symptoms of a society overly focused on individuals and propaganda rather than the processes that yield results. Socrates once said, “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people." So, let's not be weak-minded.


The Dawn of Electronic Evidence-Based Wikocracy

We are in the process of establishing a political party that leverages the power of open websites, similar to Wikipedia, to:

  1. Organize reasons to either support or challenge each government policy.

  2. Highlight the most convincing reasons at the top of each list (pro/con).

  3. Generate scores for each policy based on the strength and relevance of the reasons that either back or contest it. These "reasons" will take into account different types of costs and benefits - financial, time, freedom, security, autonomy, risk, health, and more.

  4. Advocate for candidates who commit to using open, transparent forums to assess the viability of each government policy.


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