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Good teachers should be rewarded for their hard work

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Issues / Raising the Bar on Education


Governor Mitt Romney has said that good teachers should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the important cause of educating our children.

I would like to hear your reasons to agree or disagree, until then here are my Reasons to agree with Romney:

  1. People need motivations.
  2. We may have to pay our best teachers more to teach in our highest-need schools.
  3. If you do well in other jobs, you get paid more. Why shouldn't good teachers get paid more?
  4. It is hard to figure out who is a good employee in all jobs. Sometimes people get advanced in other jobs because they do better, but sometimes they get paid more because they kiss-up to their bosses. But over-all paying good employees more works pretty well.
  5. Sure, it may be hard to determine who is a “good teacher” but everyone wants to teach art, or English, because these are touchy-feely, and fulfill human needs. We have a lack of qualified math and science teachers, so we should pay those who have math or science backgrounds more.

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