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  • Elected the Republican governor of Massachusetts, the nation’s most Democratic state.
  • Faced a $3 billion budget deficit on inauguration day, finished 2004 with a $700 million surplus, 2005 with $500 million.
  • Masterminded the only state-sponsored universal healthcare program in America without raising taxes or adding bureaucracy.


Governor Mitt Romney is a

A Highly Successful Governor



Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been widely recognized for his leadership and accomplishments in the worlds of both public service and private enterprise.


Elected in 2002, Governor Romney has presided over a dramatic reversal of state fortunes and a period of sustained economic expansion.


Without raising taxes or increasing debt,Governor Romney has balanced the budget every year of his administration, closing a $3 billion budget deficit his first year in office. By eliminating waste, streamlining the government, and enacting comprehensive economic reforms to help spur growth in Massachusetts, Romney helped the state achieve a surplus that currently totals nearly $1 billion.


At the beginning of Governor Romney's term, Massachusetts was losing thousands of jobs every month and businesses were closing their doors.


Today, the unemployment rate is averaging more than a full percentage point lower, hundreds of companies have expanded or moved to Massachusetts, and the state has added more than 37,000 jobs in just the last two years.


Mitt Romney was sworn in as the 70th governor of Massachusetts on January 2, 2003. His Lieutenant Governor is Kerry Healey. Romney was selected in 2005 to head the Republican Governors Association.


Romney announced in 2005 that he will not seek re-election for a second term as Governor of the Commonwealth, fueling speculation that he is preparing a run at the White House in 2008. Current Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey has accepted the Republican nomination for the 2006 Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

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