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Group Goals

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Group Goals & "to-do" lists

  1. Contact all the people who have had first hand experience of working with Mitt Romney. Ask them to join Mitt Romney Groups, blogs, or just share their experience and thoughts on Romney. We aught to be able to post their words if they want to write it, or make an MP3 of them speaking.
  2. Branch out into multimedia. We should start Mitt Romney pod casts, upload Mitt Romney photos to Flickr
  3. Start multi-lingual Mitt Romney groups. Mitt Romney speaks French, and could elicit support of French-Americans. He is also likely to get Spanish speaking support.
  4. Encourage people who have multi-media of Mitt Romney to share it online. It would be great if his family posted pictures on Flickr.
  5. Recruit family member of Mitt Romney to join these groups.
  6. Create a fun kind of Mitt Romney test, were we find out who is the most committed Romney supporter. Questions could include:
  7. Create a team like atmoshpere were we know about each other, are willing to ask each other to edit each other's posts, and give candid feedback.
  8. Discuss with each other strengths and weaknesses of pro-Mitt Romney websites.
  9. Have group tasks to be done each week. We need to be organized. A car with 10 stearing wheals will get no were.
  10. Create quality posts.


Have you:

1. Bought a bumper sticker?

2. Tee-shirt.

3. Started a blog?

4. Joined a group?

5. Talked to a friend.

6. Read Turnaround?

7. Shared turnaround with your friends?

8. Annoyed your family?

9. Annoyed your friends.

10. Gone to a speech.

11. Edited the Wikipedia site?


Different amount of points could be assigned to each question. We could watch people's progress, and give $20 to the person with the most points at the end of a given time period.

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