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Consider engaging with these websites to outline government policies and track argument scores. Enable the option to link one argument to support various conclusions, and evaluate the "linkage score" between each argument and conclusion.



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Spread the word and network using hashtags like #CrowdSourcedCostBenefitAnalysis, #GovernmentAsAPlatform, #DirectDemocratParty, #SuperCollectiveIntelligence, and #EDemocracy.



Reach out to individuals who possess the skills to improve and expand these websites.


For a deeper understanding of why I believe this site is crucial, visit my Explanation website.


In essence, we need to organize all the reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with contentious issues. Let's map out all the best arguments, as well as the reasons for supporting or opposing them.



If you go to my Explanation website you can see why I think this site is important.


In a word, we need to organize all the reasons to agree or disagree with the issues that have conflict. We should map out all the best reasons, and reasons to agree and disagree with the reasons.


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