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Help me

Page history last edited by Mike 2 years, 2 months ago

Ways to help:

  1. Websites
    1. Try to get these websites to outline government policy, track the score for each argument. Allow people to link one argument as a reason to support many different conclusions. Evaluate the the "linkage score" between each argument and conclusion. 
      1. https://www.kialo.com/
      2. http://www.createdebate.com/ 
    2. Link to my websites
    3. Make your own websites. You can starty by copying my content, putting it in your own words.
    5. Twitter
      1. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/myclob
      2. Tweet and network about: #CrowdSourcedCostBenefitAnalysisGovernment as a platform for a #DirectDomocrat party #SuperCollectiveIntelligence #EDemocracy 
    6. Technology
      1. Find those who have the skill to improve on these websites 


    If you go to my Explanation website you can see why I think this site is important.


    In a word, we need to organize all the reasons to agree or disagree with the issues that have conflict. We should map out all the best reasons, and reasons to agree and disagree with the reasons.


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