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Huckabee's website is clearinghouse of anti-Mormon information

Page history last edited by Mike 10 years, 5 months ago

During the campaign Huckabee's website was a clearinghouse of anti-Mormon information.

Reasons to agree:

  1. Actual Quote from MikeHuckabee.com: “….because I do not want to be one of those that has to explain to God why I didn’t vote for the only clear good choice, Mike Huckabee, and wimped out and voted for Romney, a man who worships Satan. YES, there, it’s been said. Romney worships Satan.” Don’t believe me? Here is the link: http://www.mikehuckabee.com/?FuseAction=Blogs.View&Blog_id=1003HisHolySpace.com For Huck
  2. Mike Huckabee’s official Blog links to this blog: http://christiansforhuckabeemobilize.blogspot.com This blog’s author wrote a public letter to Gary Bauer that said: "Isn’t the fact that Mitt Romney is a mormon, which is considered a cult, fly in the face of what Christianity stands for? Supporting or endorsing a mormon presidential canidate doesn’t seem to align with a Christian’s values and beliefs."
  3. The following are all direct quotes from MikeHuckabee.com, with the date of the post:


11/29/2007 12:33 PM


To: Anderson, David


Thank you for the book recomendation. I just want to be clear the points I make of the fallsehood of evolution is speaking in terms of macro evolution not micro evolution. Micro meaning slight adaptive changes within a species is a huge difference from one species becoming another. A bird over time may grow a longer beak in order for it to adapt to the depth of its food in the ground, but it will never become a different species. That is what macro evolution teaches.


In response to: DeCoster, Kevin and the Mormon question.


I will not bash anyone for their belief but I do want to just state some very clear factual differences from Mormonism and Christianity.


Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan (Lucifer) are brothers, and that God Himself was actually at one time a human (Created being). Christianity believes Jesus Christ is God Himself manifested in the flesh, and also believes God is the Alpha and Omega, and is infinite.


Mormons believe there is no hell, but rather 3 different levels of heaven (Celestial, the Terrestrial, and the Telestial) and you are able to achieve a higher level based on your good works. They believe the ultimate level is a place called planet kolab, in which you will go there to have spirit babies with your many wives. These spirit babies will then populate a planet that you will then become the god of. This is VERY different from the Christian understanding. It is not even close.


Christians believe it is appointed once for a man to die and then comes judgment. We will be judged based on God's perfect law rather known as the 10 commandments. If we have ever told a lie, stolen, loojed with lust (Adultery of the heart) etc. we will be found guilty of breaking His law. Because God is a Just and righteous judge, and because Heaven is a pure and Holy place where no sin can dwell. God can not just let lawbreakers into heaven. Not only would that taint what is pure but would also make God a corrupt judge for tunring a blind eye to law breakers. He has made a place of punishment known as hell. The bible states all liars etc. will have their place in the lake of fire. However God is a loving and merciful God and does not desire to send anyone to hell, so He made the only way to be able to righteously and justly forgive our sin. He himslef became the man of Jesus Christ, born of a virgin lived a sinless perfect life never breaking any of these laws and remaining pure and holy. He then was brutally beaten and then sacraficed Himself on the Cross in order to take the punishment we deserve upon Himself. We broke the law but Jesus paid our fine. If we broke a civil law here on earth and the penalty was a $1,000,000 fine or life in prison and we have no money. Then right when they are about to haul us off to jail, someone steps into the courtroom and says here your honor. Here is the $1,000,000 for this persons fine. Then the judge can let you go because your fine was paid. He would not be corrupt in doing so either. That is exactly what Jesus did for all of us upon the Cross. Christians also believe that the bible is correctin saying we must accept this payment by putting our faith (Trust) in Jesus and the payment He made and a true showing that we truly do trust Him is the repentance we exhibit by turning from the things we know are wrong and turning toward God.


Thats it in a nutshell, and I hope I was able to clear up any confusion of what the difference is between mormonism and Christianity. God bless.


All For Him

Jeff Broderick



You may also check out:




Picken, Jacqueline

12/06/2007 06:05 PM

I just sent out 27 emails. Hope they all go to the website!


In response to Mitt Romney's discussion on religion, I would just like to say that I like Mike's answer. "My religion doesn't influence my decisions; it drives them."


The problem I have with Mitt being a Mormon is not that I don't respect his freedom to believe whatever he wants to believe. He can believe god is a hard boiled egg if he wants. (As a Mormon, in fact he believes God has a god above hom, and he has another above him, and so on into infinity!) Okay. This is America. But, do I want someone whose mind has not been enlightened by the truth that makes men free? Do I not much prefer - if given the choice - to vote for a leader who has embraced that religion which our founding fathers turned to in writing all our founding documents? As Rabbi Lapin says, it is thanks to Christianity that we do have freedom of religion in this country.


But Mormons claim to be Christian. Well, if you just google it, you will learn some pretty un-Christian things about this religion, especially about the really bizzare founder, Joseph Smith and the "apparitions" of the "Angel" Moroni, (phony Moroni) who gave him the Book of Mormon written on golden tablets, along with magic stones to enable him to translate the ancient writing into English.


These magic stones could even give him the words without his even having to look at the tablets. Soon they were "lost," rather conveniently by a friend and associate in the founding of this new religion, which was supposedly a handed down by two Jewish tribes who were living in America around 400 A.D. The only problem is, no one has ever found one single shred of evidence they ever existed, no artifacts, not a piece of a pot, no arrowhead, nothing!


Now here is my real problem with Mitt Romney. A man would have to be able to close his eyes to some pretty obvious nonsense to be gullible enough to believe this stuff. So, if he's that gullible about his religion, how can we be certain he won't be fooled by say Ahmadinejad, for example? The guy seems nice enough, but he just doesn't go deep enough into reality to be a President, in my opinion. He seems rather unreal, when I compare him to our man, Huck. 


12/06/2007 05:13 PM


Salient points Nick. The Mormon doctrines are basically the same lie that led to the fall of man, the same lie Satan used to deceive Eve in the garden. "If you eat this fruit, you will become like God." The Mormons deliberately make it sound like they are in harmony with Christ. They omit key facts when they make carefully phrased statements like "I believe Jesus is "the son of God".


They don't tell you they also believe that they too will become God's of their own planets, Lucifer was the brother of Jesus, The Book of Mormon is perfect but the Bible is full of error...


I too respect their right to believe whatever they choose and pray they will come to know the truth about Joseph Smith; however, as a Christian, I actually believe in my faith and could NOT support Romney because the mormon church will use his position to deceive many people and suck them into their church. Knock, knock "Would you like to learn more about the faith of your PRESIDENT".


Make NO MISTAKE about it, they are major marketers and deliberately advertise in a very specious way in which they try to appear as a Christian church.


Everyone is clouding the issue, including Hannity when they try to make this an issue of "biggotry". I think most Christians believe that most Mormons are people who share many of our values.


If one truly is a Christian and believes the Bible, one knows there are millions of souls at stake. I believe Romney is a moral man and holds many of the same values as Christians - but I couldn't vote for him because of the eternal ramifications on the souls of many that would ensue as a result of his election to the presidency.




Jesusb4self says;


Mike Huckabee was right in his logic or preceieved truth asking the question in a theological discussion for his understanding. This is an attacks on Mike’s freedom of Religon; his right to inquire for self-knowlege is an asspect of freedom. Shame on American Journalism and the LDS church for denying him his freedoms…


The LDS church is denying Huckabee his freedom? How so, Jesusb4self? 

Carole Whang Schutter, Author of September Dawn, left this comment.



I am the co-screenwriter and author of the movie and book “September Dawn.” At the time the director/producer/co-writer and I conceived the project, we never heard of Mitt Romney, although we have been accused of trying to sabotage his campaign. In doing the research for the movie and book, I read thousands of pages of historical documents, interviewed ex-Mormons, most famously one of Brigham Young’s great great grandchildren, and have the backing of credible historians and descendents of the victims and the perpertrators of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. The theme of my movie and book has been lost by the critics who bash us as anti-Mormon. My theme was forgiveness. Christians, one of them on your “shame list” backed away from us because they didn’t want to “upset” the LDS church because Mitt was running for office. I am not anti-Mormon, I know some very nice people who are Mormon, but they are not Christians by the biblical and dictionary definitions of the word Christian. Perhaps people would understand more if they went to live in Utah as a non-Mormon. Now, I fully expect to be blasted for this because the media representatives in every ward of the LDS church crawl the net looking for anything they construe as anti-LDS. They want to be viewed as Christians. In fact, their founder, Joseph Smith, said that God told him that all the denominations were abominations and to start the only true Christian Church. Gorden Hinckley, prophet and president of the LDS church said in Ensign(the LDS magazine and dotcom)in November 2001, pg.5, “Those who observe us say that we are moving into the mainstream of religion. We are not changing. The world’s perception of us is changing. We teach the same doctrine.” Would you like to know what that doctrine is? Read my book or the books of many ex-Mormons who are evangelical Christians now. I’m amazed that evangelicals prefer to support someone who has changed his mind as Governor of Massachusetts and now changes his mind again as Presidential candidate. Money and the unbelievable power and organization of the LDS church (who we discovered are incredibly internet savvy) backs Romney. He is not just LDS, he is a stake president. They hope that at least one of Joseph Smith’s prophecies come true, that “when the Constitution lies in tatters,” a Mormon president will be elected. The history of the LDS church is one supportive of a theocracy. I truly believe, only someone like Huckabee will not tear the Republican party apart. I think Huckabee actually has the best chance of winning. He is a stunningly articulate speaker, but he lacks the backing and financial support of a Republican party seduced by Mitt Romney. And may I say this, by merely saying this and identifying who I am opens me up to vicious attacks. Sandra Tanner, evangelical Christian, great-great-granddaughter of Brigham Young, is not called the “bravest woman in Utah,” for no reason. I challenge you to go to ex-Mormon websites, call a Christian church in Utah or talk to a Christian teenager going to public school in a predominantly LDS area in Utah and ask them how they are treated, and then tell the Christians leaders what you learn. It will open your eyes. But remember, God wants us to love everyone. I do not speak this out of hatred, as the LDS have accused me of, I speak this in bewilderment that Christians would not support a candidate who sincerely espouses their values. I’m disheartened because I loved the fact that this country was a Christian nation and believed God blessed us because of it and because we have loved the Jewish people and Israel. In fact, we have embraced every color, every creed, and we are the most generous, the most forgiving, the best nation on earth. But we are losing that which has made us great. Isn’t it enough that we have shoved God out of our schools? Now, we, the Christian people, through our leadership, have decided that it is okay to turn our backs on someone unashamed to declare that our God is God, in order to endorse someone who believes there are many gods and in fact, that he will be a god of his own planet when he dies. Mitt Romney is free to believe whatever he wants. But should Christians simply follow the more glamorous candidate? What are the most important Christian values? “Hear O Israel, the Lord is God, the Lord is one,” and Jesus “is the way the truth and the light, no man comes before the Father except through Him.” Everything else, being pro-life, being a strict constructionist, EVERYTHING falls under those two major truths. As a Christian, if you have a choice, how can you not support a candidate who supports these truths?! I am ashamed to be a Republican who happens to be a Christian if those who profess to be both choose a candidate simply because they think he has more money, more visibility, and is better looking. Samuel turned down all of Jesse’s sons because God wanted the least of Jesse’s sons to be king. Please tell your leaders, we should be of the world but not in it. Our leaders seem to think with their heads, pro-life and the sanctity of marriage have become their gods. Our Christian values are built on Who God is. Thank you.


RGeorgeDunn really liked what she wrote, and so he wrote this: 

Excellent posts here! I suggest we take Carole Schutter,s post below and put it on every blog we can find. It should be a lead blog on this site. Thankyou Carole. We should be now start making everyone understand the weakness of Romney and the strength of Governor Huckabee. As Sally has found of Wilton backing out of his endorsement of Romney, let’s see if the light shining on the truth of Romany will bring others over to the Truth, that Huckabee can be trusted! Please, everyone click on this post of the Huckabee speech at the Values summit, go to the file tab at the top and scroll down to send, over to either send this page or send this link. I recommend the link as a lot of people have slower Internet connections. E-mail the video to everyone you know and ask them to pass it on. Be sure to tell them to let the video play through as it will download and save to allow for viewing without interruption. I recommend the video be put on CD and pass it around. If possible go to the Glen Beck clip and add that to the DC also.

Nancy has no problem with posting anti-Mormon stuff on Mike Huckabee’s website.


Schaeding, Nancy, 12/15/2007 01:37 AM, Well, well, well. O’Reilly was actually cordial to Mike tonight during the interview, and Laura was decent, too! Suprise of all surprises! Wonder if O’Reilly and Hannity decided to check out the LDS huge genealogy records the Mormons keep on all of us. If they did, they might find there are no O’Rielly’s and especially no Hannity’s on U.S. census before the year 1900. If they researched a little further, they would find that Huckabee ancestors served in the Revolutionary War. BTW, I never could figure out how the Mormons can “seal” someone after death when they were not Mormons and could not give their consent after death. And I don’t understand their “Baptisms of the Dead” either. I cannot find an explanation of these concepts. Maybe they thought they better squelch the religion “thing” when they found the attacks only pushed Mike’s poll numbers higher! or maybe they found their viewing audience numbers declining and became concerned.


Doyce accidently confused Mike Huckabee’s website with anti-Mormon discusion board… how could she have made that mistake?

Hayth, Doyce

12/06/2007 12:42 PM

Mitt nor CNN will provide you this info!!


TRUE MORMONISM 101 DOCTRINE - from Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines, Page 169.



Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844),

founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in 1830 in New York.

Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.



The Book of Mormon;

Doctrine and Covenants;

Pearl of Great Price;

the Bible (King James Version only or Smith’s “Inspired Version”);

authoritative teachings of Mormon prophets;

and other LDS “general authorities.”



God the Father was once a man, but “progressed” to godhood.

He has a physical body, as does his wife (Heavenly Mother).

No Trinity.

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate gods.

Worthy men may one day become gods themselves.



Jesus is a separate god from the Father (Elohim).

He was created as a spirit child by the Father and Mother in Heaven,

and is the “elder brother” of all men and spirit beings.

His body was created through sexual union between Elohim and Mary.

Jesus was married.

His death on the cross does not provide full atonement for all sin,

but does provide everyone with resurrection.


Holy Spirit:

The “holy spirit” is different from the “Holy Ghost”.

The “holy spirit” is not God,

but is an influence or electricity-like emanation from God (or “light of Christ”).



Resurrected by grace,

but saved (exalted to godhood) by works, including faithfulness to church leaders,

Mormon baptism, tithing, ordination, marriage, and secret temple rituals.

No eternal life without Mormon membership.



Eventually nearly everyone goes to one of three separate heavenly “kingdoms”

with some achieving godhood.

Apostates and murderers go to “outer darkness.”


Other Beliefs:

No alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or tea.

Baptism on behalf of the dead.

Two-year missionary commitment encouraged.

Door-to-door proselytizing.

Secret temple rituals available only to member in good standing.

Extensive social network.

People of African ancestry were not granted full access to Mormon priesthood and privileges until 1978.

Joana says;



12/12/2007 07:13 PM

I read CNN’s report about Huckabee and Romney on Mormonism comments, and I thought it was very positive, in that despite the Article title, Huckabee came out sounded like a great guy.


Coming from a theologian, A little comment on the Mormonism question. The fundamental problem comes down to the Person of Jesus. Mormonism believes that Jesus was CREATED by God, Christianity holds that Jesus IS God. See the difference? It has vast implications. Jesus was crucified not because He said he was created by God, or even the Messiah, for they were expecting the Messiah to be a man, He was crucified because He claimed to BE God not a creation of Him. This belief in the Diety of Jesus is fundamental to Christianity clearly articulated by the Bible, early church writings and Nicean Council, and it is for this difference that Mormonism is thought of as not-Christian.


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