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Governor Mitt Romney and the letter "I"


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  1. Iran is seeking nuclear weapons.
  2. Iran’s nuclear ambition has nothing to do with clean energy.


Illegal Immigration Quotes


  • “The voters have spoken loud and clear on the issue of bilingual education. We need to respect the wishes of the people of Massachusetts and recognize that immersion creates a level playing field in our classrooms that allows non-English speakers to succeed.”



  • “For generations of immigrants, learning English has been the key to unlocking the American Dream,” said Romney. “My proposal will give thousands more the opportunity to achieve success for themselves and their families.”


  • "The current system puts up a concrete wall to the best and brightest, yet those without skill or education are able to walk across the border. We must reform the current immigration laws so we can secure our borders...and increase legal immigration into America."
    • Governor Mitt Romney


  • "There's only one condition on getting your Ph.D. here in the U.S. and that is: You leave as soon as you get it," he told New Hampshire Republicans gathered for their annual convention. "Let me tell you, you get a Ph.D. here in one of our great institutions, I want you to stay. . . . It makes no sense that we put up a big concrete wall against those who have education and skills but our doors have been wide open to people that have neither."


Inner City


  • “Dedication to the community is what distinguishes entrepreneurs like Maurice,” said Romney. “His commitment to professional success is matched only by his concern for the well being of his employees, friends and neighbors.”


  • Romney noted that, “Over the last decade, the urban crime rate has gone down and urban investment has gone up. This has happened for one simple reason: We now realize that our cities are engines of economic growth. Visualization Technology is a great example of the kind of investment that is bringing the Massachusetts economy back on track.”


  • “Dedication to the community is what distinguishes entrepreneurs like Glynn Lloyd,” said Romney. “City Fresh Foods is a great example of the kind of company that will help put our state back on track.”


  • “Today, we recognize entrepreneurs from two innovative companies: Paul Conforti and Kim Moore of Finale for their perseverance, creativity and quality of product, and Keith Parent of Court Square Data Group for his business investment in an urban community where employment needs are greatest,” Romney said. “These awards show our appreciation for those who contribute to the Massachusetts economy and generate new wealth, prosperity and jobs.”


  • “These awards recognize the tremendous talent, ambition and hard work that drive new and growing businesses in Massachusetts,” said Romney. “The leaders we recognize today demonstrate excellence in entrepreneurship and help create new jobs and economic vitality for the communities they serve.”


  • “Abandoned lots and buildings dot the landscape of our urban areas, diminishing real estate values and posing health and safety concerns to the surrounding communities,” said Romney, speaking at the William Stanley Business Park, a 52-acre brownfield site that was formerly part of General Electric. “We must take action to turn these brownfield sites into successful economic opportunities.”


  • “These awards recognize the tremendous talent, ambition and hard work that forge a stronger and more dynamic economy,” said Romney. “The business leaders we honor today show us that perseverance and determination turn dreams into success stories.”


  • "In addition to the company's growth and success over the last several years, Eastern Fisheries has distinguished itself through a consistent track record of community outreach and charitable giving," said Romney. "Eastern is a true hometown business, with roughly 80 percent of the company's employees living in the city of New Bedford."




  • “I wouldn't presume to present a plan different from that of the President. But I believe he was right to take on the war on terror on an aggressive front rather than a defensive front. We toppled the government ... walking away would mean a humanitarian disaster. We're there and we have a responsibility to finish the job.”




  • Proposing that we negotiate with terrorist regimes like Syria and Iran — without a rigorous analysis of how our incentives could ever be aligned — is just counter-productive. I have no quarrel with talking, especially if it yields valuable intelligence and insight about an adversary. But that’s a far cry from actually negotiating with Iran, which sponsors Hezbollah, has nuclear ambitions, and has been clear in its intention to wipe our ally Israel off the map. And Syria is systematically undermining the sovereignty of Lebanon and funding and arming terrorists. Any suggestion that we might trade something for their help or forbearance is out of the question. When considering a negotiation, one must ask what kind of leverage we have, and recognize that there are situations where we have more to lose than gain by negotiating.
    • Governor Mitt Romney, 12-14-2006 A Primary Factor, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in an exclusive pre-Christmas 2006 interview, An NRO Q&A


  • “It is physically impossible to protect all targets that a terrorist might attack. The biggest lesson we learned from the September 11th tragedies is that intelligence sharing between our local, state, and federal law enforcement officials is absolutely necessary to the security of our nation and the citizens of the Commonwealth.”


  • "There were far more intelligence teams safeguarding the Olympics than there are in Massachusetts for a year."


  • “A key part of our homeland security efforts rests on the state’s ability to collect and analyze information on potential threats,” said Romney. “By putting more money into intelligence gathering, we’ll give the State Police the tools they need to be more effective.”


  • "The threat of modern terrorism poses new challenges for law enforcement across Massachusetts and around the nation," said Romney. "These new homeland security funds will allow Bay State communities to work as a coordinated force to collect, analyze and distribute critical terrorism related intelligence and act when necessary."


“It is physically impossible to protect all targets that a terrorist might attack,” said Romney. “The biggest lesson we learned from the September 11th tragedies is that intelligence sharing between our local, state, and federal law enforcement officials is absolutely necessary to the security of our nation and the citizens of the Commonwealth.”





Additional Topics



Questions that don't need to be asked again of Governor Mitt Romney

Questions asked of Governor Mitt Romney from Interviews, Debates, and others... organized by subject.

Click on the question for the answer.


  1. George Stephanopoulos
    1. Do you keep Bush or let him go?
    2. But how do you explain why all that planning wasn't done?
    3. Yet, you support the president's decision to send more troops right now?
  2. Are you confident the surge is going to work?
  3. Bill O Reilly
    1. Would you agree that we can't stop the Iraqi from killing each other?
  4. Tom Bevan
    1. What's your impression of the job Rumsfeld did?
    2. Do you believe it's still fixable at this point?
    3. What happens if Iraq is not successful?
  5. Chris Wallace
    1. Where do you disagree with Bush on Iraq?
  6. Wolf Blitzer
    1. Do you have a time frame in mind?
  7. Hugh Hewitt
    1. Do you support sending more troops into that country?
  8. Robert B Bluey
    1. Do you think right now the US is losing the war in Iraq?
  9. Katherine Jean Lopez
    1. What did you make of the Iraq Study Group?
  10. Mary Katharine Ham
    1. What do you think about Harry Reid saying the war is lost?
  11. Greta Van Susteren
    1. Would you have gone into Iraq?
    2. Do you think enough questions were asked in March of 2003?
  12. 1st Debate
    1. Should we be in Iraq when the American people do not victory is possible?
  13. ‘‘2nd Debate’’
    1. Can you foresee any circumstances under which you would pull out of Iraq without leaving behind a stable political and security situation?
  14. 3rd Debate
    1. Was it a mistake for us to invade Iraq?



  1. George Stephanopoulos
    1. Does the president have the authority he needs to take military action against Iran?
  2. Bill O Reilly
    1. Would you go to war if the Iranians say, we're going to develop a nuclear weapon, you can't stop us?
  3. Tom Bevan
    1. Would Iran acquire nuclear weapons under a Romney administration?
  4. 3rd Debate
    1. Would you use a tactical nuclear weapons to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb?
  5. 5th Debate
    1. What do you do if Iran gets worse?



  1. Greta Van Sustern
    1. Are you in favor of a fence?
  2. 1st Debate
    1. Do you support a tamper-proof work status ID card?
  3. ‘‘2nd Debate’’
    1. Governor Romney, you have also called Senator McCain's immigration plan amnesty. Are you prepared to say that sharing the stage with him tonight? And how do you explain your statement to the Lowell Sun last year in which you said, quote, 'Those that are here paying taxes and not taking government benefits should begin a process toward application for citizenship as they would from their home country.' Why isn't that amnesty as well, sir?
  4. Neil Cavuto
    1. How big of a wedge issue will immigration be among the Republican presidential candidates?
    2. Will your stance against the Mccain-Kennedy immigration bill hurt you?
  5. Ed Morrissey
    1. What is you immigration plan?
  6. 3rd Debate
    1. What would you do with the 12 million illegal immigrants who are in this country?
    2. Why are you airing ads in spanish if you think English should be the official language?
    3. Why should we believe that you would be any tougher on illegal immigration than Mayor Giuliani?



  1. Robert B Bluey
    1. Why do you think it is important to dedicate resources to the internet?



  1. 3rd Debate
    1. What would you do to include moderate Republicans and independents?



  1. Hugh Hewitt
    1. Which branch of Islam do you think is more of a threat?

#5th Debate

    1. Would you wiretap mosques without a judge’s approval?



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