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This is a separate place for people to further examine the interest of those who argue over two positions. An effort will be made to promote the most probable, most important, or strongest interest.:


The book Getting to Yes, tells us that we need to focus on interest instead of positions. To understand why someone believes something we must understand their interest. What are their values? Different interest or values lead to different positions.


Of course it is best when the author of an idea submits their interest. However others users of the website could submit and then vote on the most likely motivations of each side.

Another technique taught in Getting to Yes is to focus on interest not positions. In addition to having a place on the internet for the listing of problems and possible solutions, I would like to have a place for the listing of interest. Members of a country, business, or trade organization could list their interest. Businesses could list their interest of low taxes, and good infrastructure. Psychologist could compile a list of all of the interest of a family. A slight variation on this would be to allow people to list their goals.


We should brainstorm lists of probable interest of those who promote and appose different beliefs.

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