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Governor Mitt Romney and the letter "J"


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Judicial Branch



  1. Jihadism is this century’s nightmare.
  2. Jihadist are the only people who would use a nuclear weapon.
  3. Jihadism is similar to fascism and Soviet communism.



  • “Ultimately, the only way for us to get the Commonwealth back on track is to find a job for every citizen who wants one,” said Romney, after a tour of Workforce Central Career Center, which is operated by the Division of Employment and Training in partnership with the Worcester City Manager’s Office of Employment and Training. “Extending the hours of operation for all of the One-Stops will help us achieve that goal – one person and one job at a time.”


  • “I’m not going to rest until we put Massachusetts back to work,” said Romney, at a Logan Airport news conference announcing the “Jobs First” initiative.


  • “I am thrilled about Cisco’s expansion in Massachusetts. As the state’s number one salesman, I am going to pursue companies up and down both coasts to encourage them to grow jobs in Massachusetts,” said Romney, attending the grand opening for the new Cisco facility. “This new site finder will add to our efforts to get the Massachusetts economy back on track.”


  • “In the past, state government has had a poorly coordinated approach to identifying our strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, our public policy has been clumsy in terms of maximizing our overall growth potential,” said Romney. He added, “These Regional Competitiveness Councils will provide us with the information we need to boost regional growth and bring more jobs to the state.”


  • “I am committed to putting Massachusetts back to work,” Romney said. “As difficult as our challenges are, we have enormous potential – a diverse economy, a highly educated workforce and major academic and research institutions.” “But we can only be successful by working together, all of us, Democrats and Republicans, business and labor, to create an environment that allows job growth and development to take place,” he said.


  • “I am committed to putting Massachusetts back to work,” Romney said. “Our goal with this clearinghouse is to increase the amount of credit allocation to Massachusetts organizations and projects, so we can begin to attract and direct resources to qualifying communities whose reinvestment is an important pathway to entrepreneurship, community life and above all, jobs.”


  • “These grants are an investment in the future of our workforce. Learning does not begin and end in the classroom – it extends to the factory floor and the boardroom,” said Romney, who made the announcement at Micro Networks Corporation, which received a $128,198 grant. He added, “These grants, which will train people in management leadership, problem solving, high tech and manufacturing, are just one more way that the Commonwealth is working in partnership with the private sector to ensure more and better jobs for the future.”


  • “This exciting and robust job expansion will reach cities and towns stretching from Fall River to Springfield,” said Romney. “Over the long-term it promises to provide a boost to both the state and local economies.”


  • “You went through a tremendous evaluation process to decide where to consolidate the plant. You analyzed over 30 scenarios and considered many other states. In the end, you decided to stay here in Massachusetts and for that, I salute you,” Romney told company officials during a tour of the facility.


  • “The core of our ‘Jobs First’ initiative is to ensure that every citizen who is in need of a job can get one,” said Romney. “To attract employers and encourage faster growth rates, the Administration has already commissioned the career centers to extend their hours, and now with the events across the state today, we are one step closer to making sure every person who is looking for a job is given the tools to find one.”


  • “All across the Commonwealth, today and every day, the state’s 32 Career Centers are at the front line, providing hope and resources for job seekers such as Cheryl Tate,” said Romney. “I will not be satisfied until we get many more citizens back to work. Through the state’s one-stop career centers, we will work to accomplish this one person and one job at a time.”


  • “The manufacturing facility that you opened today will begin Therion’s next stage of development: the move from research and development into the commercialization of vaccines,” Romney said. He added, “It is a tremendous breakthrough and you could not have chosen a better place to expand.” Source: 09-10-2003 Press Release


  • “Businesses start up and find a home in Massachusetts because of the opportunities our Commonwealth provides to workers and employers,” Romney said. “Our highly skilled workforce is one of our most competitive advantages and in order to maintain this workforce, we must continue to invest in our workers.” “When you think of cranberries, you think of Ocean Spray,” said Romney. “With this grant, workers will be trained to help the company continue to make high-quality cranberry products faster and more cost effectively. And more jobs will come to Southeastern Massachusetts.”


  • “The HIT program is yet another tool we use to invest in our workforce and in our businesses,” said Romney. “Since its inception, the HIT program has succeeded in matching up out of work individuals with good jobs at companies that are looking to grow. We encourage even more businesses to take advantage of the program.”


  • “People want a chance to work so they can build self-sustaining lives instead of relying on a welfare check that will keep them trapped in poverty,” said Romney. “By providing support services and incentives where necessary, we want to give welfare recipients the opportunity to achieve independent and fulfilling lives.”


  • “The welfare policies that Massachusetts instituted in 1995 were ahead of their time. But, the times have changed and we now lag behind the rest of the nation,” said Romney. “To help welfare recipients change their lives for the better, we need to update our laws.” ** Governor Mitt Romney, 01-24-2005 Press Release


  • “The Citizens Job Bank will boost economic activity in Massachusetts and help companies grow and thrive,” said Romney. “Holding the line on taxes and maintaining a business-friendly environment are among our highest priorities to ensure that more people will be working.”


  • “The businesses and the jobs that could potentially be created because of this important new law reflect our state’s greatest strength – brainpower,” said Romney. “That’s what we bring to the table and that’s what we need to nurture for future job growth and economic success.”


  • “Our economy is on the move and we are creating thousands of new jobs, but we need to keep our foot on the gas pedal, said Romney. “I am asking the Legislature to join with me in making sure Massachusetts is competitive when it comes to business growth and job creation.”


  • “Bringing new jobs to Massachusetts is a top priority and the partnership with Citizens provides an innovative opportunity for businesses to tap into the state’s public and private resources,” said Romney. “In just two months, the job bank has added hundreds of jobs for our citizens and helped local businesses grow and thrive.”


  • “These funds to train our workforce in cutting edge technologies and workforce efficiencies are absolutely critical to enhancing Massachusetts’ competitive edge,” said Romney, who announced the grants at Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO), which received a $188,000 grant to train 310 employees.


  • “Our challenge now is to start spreading the news. The manufacturing tax credit is good for cutting edge companies, good for job seekers and great for Massachusetts,”


  • “This is a no-brainer. If we make it difficult for businesses to grow, we’re not going to have growing businesses,” said Romney. “It’s time to reform the permitting process in Massachusetts so that we can add jobs and chop away at the red tape that keeps good employers from coming to the Commonwealth.”


  • "We need to send a clear message to companies in Massachusetts that we want them to grow and add jobs here," said Romney. "We can’t sit around while other states actively recruit our companies to move away. Aggressive marketing efforts will keep more jobs here and will attract companies that want to move to Massachusetts."


  • “A highly-skilled workforce enables our state to compete and thrive in the global economy, and these workforce training grants will help our companies stay on the cutting-edge,” Romney said during his announcement of the grants at Infinity Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, one of the 73 grant recipients.


  • “Businesses relocate and expand where they have access to well-trained and educated workers, and there is no better investment Massachusetts can make than to sharpen the skills of our employees.”




  • “Right now we have a funding mechanism for the district courts that splits the Commonwealth into two – the Boston Municipal Court and the remaining district courts in the state – and the Boston Municipal Court receives vastly more resources than the other district courts.”


  • “While I applaud the Legislature for recognizing the need to reform our court system, I urge them to take a closer look at merging the Boston Municipal Court with the rest of the district court system. It makes sense and it saves millions of dollars. It is time for action, not more studies,”


  • “Worcester and other communities are getting shortchanged when it comes to the administration of justice,” Romney said. “That is wrong.”


  • “Clearly, it is time for us to have a uniform and equitable system of justice for all of the Commonwealth’s residents.”


  • Romney added, “Our judicial system is in desperate need of overhaul and restructuring. These common sense changes are the first steps in that process.”


  • “The Massachusetts Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to judges as 'free, impartial and independent as the lot of humanity will admit.' Those words were penned by John Adams, and they are the basis not only for our state courts, but for the federal judiciary as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution”


  • He added, “It is time to renew our commitment to those words. Massachusetts was a trailblazer for judicial integrity in John Adams' day and it can be a trailblazer for the same integrity in our day as well.”


  • “It is my aim today with this Executive Order to shine a spotlight on the way judges are appointed to the bench,” said Romney. “The citizens of Massachusetts deserve to have a squeaky clean process that has no room for politics and favors.”


  • “I am proud to submit the names of these outstanding individuals for consideration by the Governor’s Council,”
    • Governor Mitt Romney, Romney said. Source: 12- 03-2003 Press Release


  • He added, “For the last several months, we have successfully focused on reforming the old way of appointing judges and replaced it with a non-partisan and merit-based process. This new system – free from patronage, politics and favoritism – has yielded the highest caliber individuals for these positions.”


  • “As I was making this appointment, prosecutorial qualifications and public safety were paramount in my mind,” Romney said. “But, it was also my goal to provide continuity so as not to jeopardize ongoing prosecutions in the office. David Capeless’s familiarity with the office and its demands, as well as his relationship with his colleagues, will ensure a seamless transition.”

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