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Jihadism is this century’s nightmare

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Issues / Confronting Radical Jihad


Governor Mitt Romney has said that jihadism is this century’s nightmare. What do you think?


I would like to hear your reasons to agree or disagree, but until then here are my Reasons to agree:


  1. Jihadist are the only people who would use a nuclear weapon.
  2. A nuclear weapon would destroy men, women, children.
  3. A modern nuclear weapon would make land un-usable for thousands of years.
  4. Some of the people who die from Alcohol, are just killing themselves. Those who would be killed from a nuclear bomb, would be mostly innocent.
  5. There can be more than one nightmare. China could go bad, but Jihadism is more likely to.
  6. Jihadist could start a war with Pakistan.
  7. Jihadist are killing and displacing thousands in Africa.
  8. Jihadist have exploded transportation in the United States, Spain, and England.
  9. Jihadist are trying to take over Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. They are a significant force in Syria.
  10. Many Jihadist deny the Holocaust.
  11. Many Jihadist want to destroy Israel.
  12. There is no force on the planet, not communism or anything else, that unifies people with so much hatred as Jihadism.
  13. Ana says; "Everyone should educate themselves on Islam, its history and on the radical element. One will find that whenever Muslims gain political power all non-Muslims are second class citizens unless they convert. Often Jews and Christians are killed as part of gaining power. Sharia law is every Judeo-Christian's, and other non-Mulsims nightmare. In fact, what is occuring is the demise of the American experiment, with its reliance on the Natural Law and Judeo-Christian, Greek Roman heritage by the influx of too, many immigrants too fast, multi-culturalism and secularism. May God have mercy on those of us who forget this great gift to the human race and who do nothing to defend it."


Reasons to agree

  1. America's Alcohol problem is bigger than its terrorism problem. +8
  2. The collapse of the American family should be cause for grave concern. +5


Score: +13 (reasons to agree), +2 (reasons to disagree), - 13 reasons to agree with reasons to agree +2


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