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John Cronin

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John Cronin


I've been a Reagan Republican since 1976 and have been looking for someone from my party to fill his shoes ever since he left office. With the events of this weekend, especially Gov. Romney's performance at the CPAC conference, I feel more confidant than ever that we have found President Reagan's successor in Mitt Romney!


I heard Gov. Romney speak for the first time just this past fall as I was on my way to attend one of my son's college football games. I had the car radio tuned to a local St. Louis Christian station and I turned it on just as a speech was being brought to it's conclusion. At first, I wasn't sure who I was listening to, but I thought it might be Mitt Romney. I remember thinking, "Whoever this is can sure deliver a rousing Pro-Life speech. This guy is really good"! So I listened to him finish his speech before a large crowd and was very impressed with the thunderous response his speech evoked.


Ever since then, I have followed his career as he completed his term as Governor of Massachusetts and began his Presidential campaign.


In my view, Gov. Romney is pitch perfect on all of President Reagan's major themes.


Strengthen and support the military


Control non-military discretionary spending


Support a smaller role for government


Tax cuts to return the money to whom it belongs


Protect the unborn and promote a culture of life


Nominate strict constructionists to the Supreme



On these and other issues Gov. Romney is motivating a large and heretofore uninvolved Reaganite base that has not had much to be excited about until now.


As I read the reports commenting on the CPAC meeting, I was struck with what one delegate had to say. "When Rudy came into the room he got an enthusiastic reception, but after 40 minutes, the delegate's attention was starting to wander. When he finished he got polite applause. When Mitt Romney first entered, the applause was restrained, but when he finished his speech he had them standing and cheering!"

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