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John Edwards

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Governor Mitt Romney on John Edwards


If you want someone who voted for tax hikes 98 times, send in John Kerry. If you think trial lawyers need more money, our economy needs more law suits, and malpractice costs should go even higher, then send in John Edwards with him.




ROMNEY: And Senator Edwards, if you don't like hearing that, sue me.



Spending money like John Edwards at a beauty shop



An Coulter, Mrs. Edwards and Mitt Romney


We have a major problem in our country because of the different Mars vs. Venus perspectives between republicans and democrats.


One major political party tries to interact with the world with its heart. When Bill Clinton strode towards the woman and said, “I feel your pain” millions of democrats instantly identified with him on an emotional basis and millions of republicans rolled their collective eyes.


Ann Coulter should have apologized, but this is what she said.


I am sorry that I heart you or your families feelings. I made a business case, and feel that the harm that came to you personally was less than the harm that would be caused in the world if your husband was elected president. I pulled a Hiroshima and Nagasaki on your family, and I’m sorry that you had to be harmed. Your husband has used the death of his son to connect emotionally with his supporters. I don’t want people to vote for the next president because they have made an emotional connection with him on the campaign trail. Good presidents do not make emotional decisions. They do not look at us as people, but as statistics. Abraham Lincoln looked had to force himself to look at the young men fighting for the North as numbers. He had to look at them as expendable. He had to make the business case that more good could be accomplished by their sacrifice.


I understand that you are not as cynical as I am. I understand that you don’t think your husband tries to manipulate people, but that he uses his difficult emotionally experiences to connect with his audience. I know you are not a bad person, and he is not a bad person, because you believe that the loss of your son is a valid discussion point on the campaign trail. However please do not say I am a bad person, because I DO NOT believe that your personal loss is a valid topic for discussion on the campaign trail.


We don’t want to vote for the next candidate based on who is more willing to share their emotional baggage.


What does any of this have to do with Mitt Romney? People keep asking Mitt what his most difficult experience in life is. The east coast main stream media keeps worrying that he is to cold. That he is not accessible. That he needs to some how connect with the audience.


I fundamentally disagree. I don’t want to choose a president based on who can share their innermost thoughts, and intimate details with the public. I don’t want to pick a president who treats the campaign trail as a therapy session. Yes. I want an old fashioned man that doesn’t talk about his feelings with complete strangers.

If you want to be cruel to John Edwards, you could say that he IS the cold hearted calculating man that uses his own tragedies to advance his political career. A case can be made that he was very insincere when he tried to manipulate the relationship between Dick Cheny and his daughter to advance Mr. Edward’s political agenda. A more charitable person would not try and interpreter his intentions as manipulative, but just say that John Edwards interacts in a more typical feminine way that likes talking about feelings. However, John Edward’s long career as a trial lawyer, where he learned to manipulate jurors feelings, for his own financial gain, might make you hesitate. Is he sincerely someone trying to make a connection with fellow human beings, or is he a calculating SOB trying to move up in the polls?


To Ann Coulter and I, it doesn’t matter weather he is sincere or not. We both think that it has no place in politics. We don’t want to pick our next president how much of his personal life he shares on the campaign trial. We want someone who keeps his personal life private.

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