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journalist will have more stories to write about if there is more conflict is in the world

Page history last edited by Mike 12 years, 1 month ago

News outlets will have more readers/viewers the uglier our conflicts get. 


Reasons to agree

  1. Journalist question the motives of everyone else. Turn around is fair play.
  2. If you only look at the money, journalist would be motivated by selling more newspapers or magazines or whatever. People tend to be interested in conflict, and so journalist keep conflicts going with over simplified story lines.
  3. Journalist tend to tell every detail of gory crimes, even though their are risks of copy cat crimes.
  4. Journalist love it when politicians start yelling at each other.  
  5. If political issues were solved in a boring, logical, systematic fasion, news sources would have fewer readers.  


Reasons to disagree


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