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Jul 15, 2007

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An Evening In Hollywood

By: Editorial

Boca Raton News

Sunday, Jul 15, 2007


"Following a significant upstaging by Governor Charlie (I'm supporting Rudy Giuliani) Crist, Governor Mitt Romney spoke at the Young Republicans National Convention in Hollywood Saturday evening.


"And more than a few from Boca Raton and elsewhere in South County rose in standing applause to one of the many elements Romney embraced as part of his 'true conservative' presidential candidate war cry.


"It was at the, literally, corporate level that Romney hit several high notes, advocating an acapella three-part harmony of cooperation among business, and governments at both the federal and state levels to unshackle corporate America toward becoming – and being seen – as America's positive contribution to itself and the world."




"But it was at the individual level that Romney struck a resounding chord.


"If elected, 'I'm going to kill the death tax,' Romney said.


"And what should be the taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains?


"'Exactly zero,' said Romney.


"'It's about time,' said one Boca attendee."




"Republicans look to 'our heritage where the people are sovereign,' Romney said whereas Democrats look to 'government.'


"Specifically, he noted that Democrat Hillary Clinton advocates a view, and quoting her, saying, 'we're all in this together.'


"Romney paused – a presidential pause, and then offered that must mean 'out with Adam Smith and in with Karl Marx.'


"Beyond agreement with much of what he said, the audience left with a view (and many were heard to say) that and in saying anything at all, Romney sounded 'presidential.'


"Time will of course tell. But imagine that: a man at the helm, sounding and acting like the leader of the free world, doing so with principles, and with the skills and real world expertise of a very successful businessman."...


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