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Governor Mitt Romney and "Life"



Governor Romney Has A Record Of Siding With Life:


Quotes from Others on Mitt Romney and Life:


  • "As Governor, Mitt Romney has stood side-by-side with those seeking to protect the weakest and most innocent of our society. In one of our country's most liberal states, he has acted to protect the sanctity of life. Governor Romney's record on fundamental life issues is one of not just words but action. I am proud to count myself among his supporters."



Governor Romney Is Opposed To Abortion, Except In The Cases Of Rape, Incest, And The Life Of The Mother. Like President Ronald Reagan, Henry Hyde and others before him, he has acknowledged that in the past he had this issue wrong.


As Governor Of Massachusetts, When Governor Romney Has Been Presented With Legislation On Life Issues, He Has Sided With Life:


· Governor Romney vetoed legislation that would have provided for the "Morning After Pill" without a prescription.


· Governor Romney fought to promote abstinence education in the classroom.


· Governor Romney vetoed legislation that would have redefined in Massachusetts the longstanding definition of the beginning of human life from fertilization to implantation.


· Governor Romney has supported parental notification laws and opposed efforts to weaken parental involvement.


· Governor Romney supports adult stem cell research but has opposed efforts to advance embryo-destructive research in Massachusetts and he has not supported public funding for embryo-destructive research.



Governor Romney: "When I was running for office 12 years ago, there were a number of things that I said and felt at that time that, with the benefit of experience, I have a different view today. One of those is abortion. As governor, I've had several pieces of legislation reach my desk, which would have expanded abortion rights in Massachusetts. Each of those I vetoed. Every action I've taken as the governor that relates to the sanctity of human life, I have stood on the side of life. So talk is cheap, but action is real. And people can now look at my record." (Robert B. Bluey, "Q&A: Mitt Romney Discusses Iraq War, Reagan's Influence And Gay Marriage," Human Events, www.humanevents.com <http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=18683> , 12/28/06)


National Review's Kate O'Beirne: "Pro-lifers’ faith in the power of persuasion has been rewarded, and their political clout increased, by important converts, including Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. … Romney has been stating his abortion position with the conviction of a convert, in terms that can appeal to a broad audience. Many social conservatives are persuaded that his conversion is genuine." (Kate O'Beirne, "Join The Club," National Review, 1/29/07)


Former New Hampshire Republican House Speaker Donna Sytek: "He's conservative enough for my taste. I'm very strong on life issues. He made some courageous vetoes." (Sarah Liebowitz, "Romney Partygoers Like What They Hear," Concord NH Monitor, 12/22/06)


"Across this nation, thousands of Americans are gathering in their local communities and in our nation's capital to reaffirm their dedication to protecting the sanctity of life. We must create a culture of life where the weakest and most innocent among us are protected.


"While there are well-meaning people on both sides of this debate, no one can deny that when hundreds of thousands of abortions are performed every year, it should be a major concern for a nation as great as ours. If we commit ourselves to promoting a culture of life, I believe that one day our nation's laws may reflect what is in our hearts."

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