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Art and Humanities / Literature


Mitt Romney was an English major at BYU. He graduated Cum Laude. I bet he wrote some pretty good essays. I think he should drown us in content. If I were him, I would release every essay I ever wrote.


Writers who might support Mitt Romney

  1. Orson Scott Card


Governor Mitt Romney's Favorite Books

  1. -


Books referenced by Governor Mitt Romney

  1. The world is Flat.





Myclob's influential Books


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Literature Debate


Misc Books

  1. 5 People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom is not a Good Book.
  2. The best book to help your career is: Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.
  3. East of Eden, by John Steinbeck deserves to be called a Classic.
  4. Catcher in the Rhy, by JD Salinger, is a good book.
  5. The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry is a good book.


Science Fiction

  1. Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, is a good book.
  2. Speaker for the Dead, by Orson Scott Card is a good book.



  1. Orson Scott Card is the best living Science Fiction writer.
  2. Ian Rand is relevant today.
  3. The fountainhead is an important book to read.


Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo is a good book.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a good book.


See some stuff that I have written about books on the Idea stock exchange.

Also to the left there is a link to some books that I have read.

Also see the books that I own. This website lets you list your books online so that others can view and borrow them.

Past Watch is one of the best books of the century.

Reasons to Agree


It explores how one event could have eliminated, slavery and the negative affects of colonialism in the Americas.


The Little Prince is good:

Reasons to agree:


It makes a person step back and look at life.

We really are voyagers in a very strange world

People fit into the categories

Pride of the king

Those who take themselves to seriously

It describes love beautifully


Books about good people are more interesting than books about bad or evil people.


Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance

This book also helped me want to be an engineer.

Non fiction

The Toa of Pooh

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