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Mormons are typically pro life

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Mormons are typically pro life

Reasons to agree:

  1. Mormons are excommunicated for having or encouraging others to have abortions.
  2. Does "typically" mean more than 50%? If so, then the answer is yes.


Reasons to disagree:

  1. Mormons leaders teach their members what they should believe religiously, but they do not tell them how to apply this politically.
  2. The words pro-life, and pro-choice mean nothing.
  3. "In short, neither the Mitt Romney who ran for Senate in 1994 vowing to keep abortion safe and legal, nor the more recent "firmly pro-life" Romney, would be in the wrong according to the teachings of his church." "Imperfect fit" Drake Bennett, of The Boston Globe, December 31, 2006

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