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  • "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it."
    • Upton Sinclair


We need a place, for each belief, were people can post common and apposing interest of those who agree or disagree with the belief.


Reasons to agree:

  1. Dispute resolution teaches us to not hold positions, but to defend our interest. This allows for creative solutions to be found, that meet the needs of all parties concerned.
  2. Discussing shared interest helps you empathize with your "enemy".
  3. Discussing shared interest can help you realize that these interest might be larger than your apposing interest, and that fighting over your apposing interest will do more harm to your shared interest, than they will do good.
  4. You have to understand the underlying cause of problems, that make people want to do certain things. These are their interest, values and principles. You will get no were if you try solving problems, without figuring out why there is a problem in the 1st place. You can't figure out why there is a problem until you uncover all apposing interest.
  5. As you analyze the interest, you will begin to understand the probable motives of those who agree or disagree with an idea.

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