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Governor Mitt Romney and the letter "O"


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  1. Obama is wrong on immigration.
  • Obama is bad on pork.
  • Obama is reality-denying
  • We are in a life-or-death struggle with the jihadists and we cannot turn the country's safety over to a reality-denying three-year senator.
  • Obama is far from the mainstream of American politics.



Foreign Policy



Social Spending




















Governor Mitt Romney Outsourcing Quotes


  • Massachusetts is a world-class center of innovation. Let’s work together to keep our jobs and keep our employers here in our state where they belong.”


  • “I am very concerned about outsourcing. The reality of today’s business climate is that a growing number of companies are sending their best jobs out of state. Whether it’s the loss of one job or 100,000 jobs, it’s a very real issue for all of us. These common sense initiatives will help slow outsourcing and speed up insourcing.”


  • “In Massachusetts, we are losing jobs to other countries and other states. Manufacturing jobs have fled from Massachusetts for decades. But, the new wave of outsourcing is particularly alarming because it involves the very jobs that replaced those jobs that were lost.”


  • “Now, we are seeing the loss of highly skilled manufacturing positions we believed were secure. We are seeing outsourcing in clerical, financial services, accounting, engineering, software and other areas. The promise that education is a sure road to job security is very much in question.”


  • “I am fighting to bring new jobs to Massachusetts and to keep the ones we have here,” Romney said. “If the Legislature fails to reform our unemployment insurance system, if it fails to bring it into line with all the other states in America, you will not see jobs come here, you will see them leave here.”


  • “We need to get the balance right,” said Romney. “We have an opportunity to work together to reform the system so that Massachusetts continues to provide the best benefit package in the country, but at the same time lessens the cost of retaining and creating jobs in the state.”





online reporter;






  1. Hugh Hewitt
    1. What did you make of Obama's response to what he would do if two American cities were attacked?



  1. 1st Debate
    1. Is it worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars to get Osama?




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