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Obama is wrong on immigration

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Obama is wrong on immigration

Reasons to agree:

  1. We must secure our borders first, and then reform immigration policy. +2
  2. Obama wants to reward people for breaking the law. +1
  3. Obama is wrong to always use strawman arguments. +2 It is a straw man argument to say that "we can't round-up all the illegal alians".
  4. We can't have national security without border security.
  5. Obama said; he "will not support any bill that does not provide an earned path to citizenship for the undocumented population."
  6. Obama does not believe that twelve million illegal immigrants can be sent back. He said "It's not going to happen. We're not going to go round them up ... We should give them a pathway to citizenship." Obama at Joliet town hall. Everyone says Obama is smart, but how can he say such simple things? No one said you have to round them up. No one rounded them up, and forced them into this country. There are these things called, planes, trains and automobiles Barak. When states inforce the law, people self-deport. If we don't let people have jobs who decided not to follow the lawful way of coming into this country, they can go back the same way they came in. But then again, McCain agrees with Obama. so what choice do we have? Rewarding people who broke the law, is not fair to those who came in while following the laws. Immigration is good, but we need to be like every other modern country on the planet, and start enforcing our boarders, not letting people stay, just because they are here now. Saying, “I really want to stay, and your mean if you don’t let me” is not a valid argument, because you might be a great person, but there is no reason to believe you are a better person (no offense meant) than people trying to come here legally. In fact, this may hurt your feelings, but the fact that you broke the law, and are acting like you are entitled the ability to stay in this country makes me like those other people who are following the law more and more all the time.

Reasons to agree: 6, Reasons to agree with reasons to agree: 5. Total = 14 

 Reasons to disagree:

  1. You truly believe that Obama didn't imply the use of automobiles, trains, or airplanes when he made that comment? (Of course he didn't imply the use of automobiles, trains, or airplanes. That is what I am implying. I want illegal aliens to use these modes of transportation to go back home.)
  2. So you are telling them to go back where they came from, they can't stay here, but you are not rounding them up? You are just asking politely? They are already here illegally by current laws, what change are you proposing? Making it illegal-er? If you are telling them to leave, you have to round them up and do it, no question. (Oh my gosh, you are so stupid. There were two bills before congress, in the summer of 07. One that rewarded illegal aliens who broke the law to come here by letting them stay here forever, and one that did not. Obama favored the one that did not. So, yes, Obama didn't want to make it more illegal-er. I do. We don't have to "ask politely". States that inforce their immigration laws have massive self-deportation.
  3. We need illegal immigrants. -6
  4. Laws strong enough to discourage employing illegal aliens would be extreme. -1
  5. An ID system for guest workers would cost too much. -1
  6. An ID system would harm privacy. -2
  7. It is extreme to not let people stay in America who broke the law to get here. -1
  8. The way we treat illegal immigrants is the way they treated Anne Frank. -1
  9. People won't have enough money to self-deport. -1

Reasons to disagree: -9, Reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +13 = 4. Total = -4 



Interest of those who agree (that Obama is wrong):
  1. The Rule of Law
  2. Self interest: promoting their own race (if their race is different from the immigrant)
Interest of those who disagree (that Obama is wrong):
  1. Self interest: promoting their own race (if their race is the same as the immigrant)
  2. Family. Trying to re-unite with their family from South America

 Images that agree:


 Images that disagree:


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