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Obama is wrong on Iran

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Obama is wrong on Iran.

Reasons to agree

  1. Obama calls for the opening of diplomatic dialogue with Syria and Iran.
  2. Obama has said; "We have not explored any kind of dialogue with either Iran or North Korea, and I think that has been a mistake. As a consequence, we have almost no leverage over them." (Meet the Press with Tim Russert, October 22, 2006) Again, they say Obama is smart. How exactly is talking to them going to give us more leverage, besides being able to threaten them with not talking to them anymore?
  3. You should have to meat some simple standards to be considered a legitimate government worthy of diplomatic relations. Some of these qualifications would include not calling for the destruction of Israel, denying the holocaust, funding extremist, and providing weapons that are being used against us in Iraq, teaching that Jews and Christians are pigs and dogs in your schools, denying the holocaust, and 100 other things too many to include on this list. So, no Barak, we should not re-establish relations with Iran no matter how open minded it makes you feel. There is such thing as evil, and your unwillingness to acknowledge this, and to respond correctly keeps you from being qualified as president.

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