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Obama will be a good example to African American children

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Obama will be a good example to African American children.

Reasons to agree:

  1. Obama is very educated. Education is good.
  2. Obama tried very hard in school.
  3. Obama is a good family man.
  4. Obama does not attend an anti-white church, his church just teaches him to be proud of his heritage.
  5. An African-American president would be good for America.


Reasons to disagree:

  1. Obama attends an anti-white church.
  2. Obama is the most liberal senator. As the most liberal senator, Obama makes such a big safety-net that it removes any advantage of hard work, or consequences for one’s actions. # He may also provide the grounds for a false sense of racism when anyone opposes his policies.
  3. Power-mongers in politics would use a President Obama as the ultimate race


  1. A very liberal African American president would only re-enforce negative stereotypes in our society about race.

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