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Online Debate

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Online Debate


I would like to organize the Reasons to agree and disagree with each belief on the planet. This website could really help people that want to make a decision. While we are at it, I think that we should create an Algorithm that promotes quality arguments similar to the way that Google promotes quality websites.

We need one place were we can organize all of the best reasons to agree and disagree with different beliefs.




  1. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gooddebate/



There are lots of ways that we could design an online discussion board that would naturally promote the best ideas.


We need better organized debates, in order to come to logical decisions.


Groups can come to logical decisions, we just need intelligent ways of collecting intelligence from them.


A website that allowed users to organize reasons to agree or disagree with different subjects could make a lot of money.


There are a lot of websites were people can debate, but none of them present the results of that debate in an ordered manor that would help the next people that want to discuss the same idea.


My website is very efficient, because it allows me to re-use information to support multiple different beliefs.


We don't just need more information, we just need better ways of organizing the information that we have.

Trying to organize all of the reasons to agree or disagree with an idea may sound complicated, but its not. Besides we shouldn't try and over simplify things. Ignoring most of the reasons to disagree with you is no way to make good decisions. Besides, we are going to try and put the best ideas at the top, so you can find them easily, and do other things to introduce order and keep it simple. (Reasons to agree & disagree)

There are lots of ways that you could organize this website so that people could find their way around better.

If you want to make a decision, you have to have some way of evaluating each reason to agree or disagree and so the best reasons should go to the top of their columns.

Most online discussion groups become too messy because they do nothing to promote good post, or demote bad posts.


Even though the halfbakery lets the owner of an idea remove posts, it doesn't go far enough. You shouldn't be allowed to remove post, you should just be able to move it down in the list, so it features less prominently.

If you want to make good informed decisions in a systematic way, you need to organize reasons to agree and disagree what you want to do.


It only makes sense that we would want to understand why others believe the things they do.

It seems that most people would want to compare the reasons they believe things to the reasons others believe the things that they do.


Difficult decisions require the ability to evaluate the validity of hundred of different reasons to agree or disagree with a proposed course of action. However, it is difficult for us to comprehend more than a few reasons to agree or disagree with an idea at a time. Luckily we are pretty good at evaluating the validity of one idea at a time. This could allow us to give each reason a score, and let a computer do the math required to synthesize the best course of action. Luckily we wouldn't have to do what the computer says, but it could help us see different parameters that might affect our decision. Computers could allow the whole online community to evaluate each of the hundred of reasons to agree or disagree with a particular idea, each on their own merits.



This website could be used to help resolve conflicts.


This website would put the best arguments from each side on the same side, which is very important.


We use the principles of successful dispute resolution on this website.


Extreme care is needed when organizing debates between some disputing parties.


We can do much better than just give people a format to call each other names.


We can create an online debate forum that rewards those who follow time proven procedures in conflict resolution.


We should create methods for sophisticated analysis of each idea on this website people will use them.


Chat rooms could be great communication tools, but currently they are so lame.


Discussion boards could be so cool, but they are currently very lame.


There are all sorts of ways you could promote good debate on an electronic discussion board.


We should hire experts to point out over-valued or undervalued ideas.

Experts, how ever you want to define them, should get more say in a debate website, in their field of experts.

We need a place, for each belief, were people can post common and apposing interest of those who agree or disagree with the belief.


My main online debate website is located here:


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