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Over 50 New Policy Proposals from Romney

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Since January 2007, Governor Romney Has Announced OVER 50 NEW POLICY PROPOSALS


Over 50 New Policy Proposals from Romney


Herzliya Conference: Governor Romney’s Five-Point Strategy To Prevent A Nuclear IranIsrael, 1/23/07


  • Tighten economic sanctions
  • Diplomatic isolation
  • Encouraging Arab states to join efforts to prevent a nuclear Iran
  • The military option remains on the table
  • Support a Partnership for Prosperity and Progress to support progressive Muslim communities and leaders


Detroit Economic Club: Governor Romney’s Economic Principles – Michigan, 2/7/07

  • Allow middle class Americans to save tax-free
  • Make the Bush tax cuts permanent
  • Reinstitute a regulatory relief board to cut back regulations that choke off growth
  • America needs national tort reform, not reform stateby-state
  • Evaluate reforms to CAFE standards to develop a better way to get higher fleet mileage without market distortions


Restraining Government spendingNew Hampshire, 3/1/07

  • Vetoing appropriations legislation that spends more than CPI-1%
  • Give the President the line-item Veto
  • Review and reevaluate all federal spending programs


Repeal Of McCain-Feingold – Washington, D.C., 3/2/07

  • Repeal the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law


Support For Clean Coal Technologies – West Virginia, 3/8/07

  • Invest in research and innovation to find these cleaner and more efficient sources of energy from coal


Expanding Economic And Political Freedom In The Americas: A Seven-Point Strategy – Miami-Dade Lincoln Day Dinner, Florida, 3/9/07

  • Isolate Castro with economic and diplomatic sanctions
  • Focus foreign aid and foreign investments on those who stand alongside us
  • Act to inform public opinion in Latin America
  • Improve our economic ties in terms of free trade
  • Rebuild relationships of respect and trust and friendship
  • Reaffirm our appreciation of legal immigration
  • Never ignore Latin America


Giving The President Stronger Tools To Cut spendingNew Hampshire, 3/10/07

  • Give the Executive Branch the authority to spend up to 25% less than Congress appropriates


Protecting American Workers – Iowa, 3/22/07

  • Allow workers the right to choose whether to join a union
  • Prevent resources of the federal government should not be used to solicit or collect dues for politicized organizations


Club For Growth: Governor Romney’s tax Philosophy – Florida, 3/29/07

  • Make the Bush tax cuts permanent
  • Allow middle-income Americans to save tax-free
  • Lower marginal tax rates for all Americans
  • Make our corporate tax rate competitive with its international partners


Club For Growth: Regulator Reform Including Sarbanes- Oxley – Florida, 3/29/07

  • Reform Sarbanes-Oxley


Rising To A New Generation Of Global Challenges – Foreign Affairs, Spring 2007

  • Increase the size of the military by 100,000 troops
  • Devote a minimum of 4% of GDP to Defense
  • Achieve energy independence through innovation
  • Empower regional civilian leaders to develop and execute regional plans and strategies
  • Presidential Summit with our allies in the Islamic world and leading nations to form a united strategy for confronting Jihadists threats
  • Expand alliances such as NATO and efforts among the world’s leading nations to face the new threat of radical Jihad and increase our homeland security
  • Build global and regional networks and capabilities of law enforcement and intelligence officials to confront Jihadists and other transnational threats
  • Launch a Partnership for Prosperity and Progress to mobilize the resources of the developed world to empower moderate Muslims


Protecting American taxpayers By Re-Imposing A Three-Fifths Supermajority Requirement – New Hampshire, 4/15/07

  • Re-impose a three-fifths (60%) supermajority requirement on Congress to raise taxes


Abolishing The Death taxIowa, 4/19/07

  • Eliminate the death tax


Combating Nuclear terrorism – New York, 4/26/07

  • Empower a senior ambassador to lead efforts to prevent nuclear terrorism
  • Make nuclear trafficking a crime against humanity
  • Create a gold standard for nuclear security
  • Frank, direct efforts with Russia on containing this threat
  • Remove the incentive for dangerous civilian nuclear capabilities
  • Expand and accelerate a range of other actions to combat nuclear terrorism


Governor Romney’s Global Initiative For Values And Freedom: A Comprehensive Strategy To Defeat Radical Jihad, Ensure American Security And Advance Freedom And Human Rights Across The Globe – Colorado, 6/21/07

  • Create the Special Partnership Force (SPF) to mobilize all elements of our national power in contested areas to defeat Jihadists
  • Cut the Washington bureaucracy of the Office of Director of National intelligence (ODNI) to put more resources and human intelligence in the field


Ocean’s Initiatives – Colorado, 7/18/07

  • Propose a “One-Strike, You’re Ours” law for those convicted of sexually assaulting children using the Internet
  • Enforce our nation’s obscenity laws


Ask Mitt Anything – Iowa, 7/26/07

  • Work with computer and software companies to ensure that every home computer has effective software to filter out unwanted pornography


Ask Mitt Anything – Iowa, 8/2/07

  • Propose a new ethics law to strip the pensions of those government employees and appointees who violate the public trust


Southern Border Visit – California, 8/13/07

  • Secure the border through a physical fence or wall and other electronic systems
  • Implement an enforceable employer verification system
  • Reject amnesty
  • Punish sanctuary cities
  • Improve interior enforcement
  • Encourage legal immigration


Greer Chamber Of Commerce – South Carolina, 8/16/07

  • Put in place a statutory prohibition on outrageous punitive damage awards
  • Require more disclosure in contingency fee arrangements


Florida Medical Association – Florida, 8/24/07

  • Establish federal incentives to deregulate and reform state health insurance markets so market forces can work
  • Redirect federal spending on “free care” to help the low-income uninsured purchase private insurance
  • Institute Health Savings Account (HSA) enhancements and the full deductibility of qualified medical expenses
  • Promote innovation in Medicaid
  • Implement medical liability reform
  • Bring market dynamics and modern technology to health care.


Ask Mitt Anything – New Hampshire, 9/8/07

  • Specifics to middle class tax saving plan
  • Any taxpayer with Adjusted Gross Income of under $200,000 would pay a tax rate of 0% on all of the income they earn from their savings, capital gains and dividends


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