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Governor Mitt Romney and Police


Governor Mitt Romney "Police" press releases








Governor Mitt Romney "Police" Quotes


  • “Major Robbins’s 24 years of State Police experience combined with his focus on homeland security at Logan Airport make him the ideal choice to lead Massachusetts’ chief law enforcement agency. Of all the candidates, no one had more experience on the homeland security front lines than Major Robbins,” Romney added.


  • “At a time when homeland security is our number one public safety priority, Colonel Robbins has the extensive experience and vision to make the Massachusetts State Police a national model for both crime fighting and terror prevention."


  • “Whether it’s 4 A.M. on Christmas Eve or 4 P.M. on a Saturday in August when they’d rather be taking their families to the beach, our State Police force is on duty every hour of every day, dedicated to keeping the public safe. These initiatives reflect the importance of their jobs and the value of their service to the Commonwealth.”


  • “Mark Delaney’s exemplary performance and leadership over 32 years of service in the State Police make him the ideal candidate to command the state’s largest law enforcement agency."


  • “Mark Delaney is a respected leader both within and outside of the State Police. The priority he places on excellence and achievement will help the State Police maintain their status as one of the finest law enforcement organizations in the nation.”


“The defense of our homeland continues to be a focus of law enforcement everywhere, and state troopers are on the front lines of this battle. I have been proud to support the Massachusetts State Police as it adapts and adds strength to counter evolving threats that could jeopardize the peace and safety of our lives.”


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