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Press Release

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Governor Mitt Romney Press Releases




















We should copy and paste press releases from mitt romney's massachusets website and enter them into the blogosphere.


Reasons to agree

  1. they may go away, when he is no longer Governor of Massachusetts.
  2. in his book, turnaround, he wished that newspapers would use more of the olympic committee's press releases.
  3. press releases from Governor Mitt Romney are some of the only first hand words from Governor Mitt Romney that we have. We have his books, speeches, and press releases.
  4. we shouldn't worry about copying. The whole purpose of press releases is so that people can copy.
  5. the state of Massachusetts does not allow people to respond and talk about the press releases. This site allows more stuff


Reasons to disagree

  1. feel free to submit reasons to disagree or agree!





The first thing i wanted to do is organize all his press releases by topic. I have just completed that, and you can find my work on this website:




Just view the sidebar on the right. I brought over most of the press releases on the Massachusetts website. The ones that did not mention Governor Mitt Romney in the title, or that mentioned a topic that i did not know how to categorize by reading the summery, have been left un-documented for now. The site is easy to edit. Just get the password from me, and push the big "edit" button.

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