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Protectionism is sometimes necessary in trade

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Protectionism is sometimes necessary in trade.


Background, context, and assumptions:


Necessary = good


Reasons to agree

  1. Protectionism sometimes results in the greater good for all, when the country that is being protected is a better country than the country that is being protected against.
  2. For instance we all agree that it was bad to sell bombs to Hitler's Germany. We didn't just have a small tariff (protectionism) we had an infinite tariff, which is a complete ban on all products and services with Nazi Germany. Most people agree that that was "good" or "necessary". So, in the case of China. We are giving them a lot of power, investing trillions of dollars, buy building American plants in that country. They have not made any commitments to a free press, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or any other human rights. Perhaps we shouldn't trust them completely. Perhaps we shouldn't hand them the keys to our economy. Perhaps we should protect our jobs from them. If their country was more virtuous than ours, than they should be given more trust. It's not rocket science, it's the same principles at play with raising children.


Reasons to disagree


Score: +2 (reasons to agree), -0 (reasons to disagree, +0 (reasons to agree with reasons to agree) = +2

Interest of those who agree

  1. If they are in a protected industry, their personal finances are an interest.  

Interest of those who disagree

  1. Consumers have a defused interest in avoiding protectionism, because it leads to higher prices 

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