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The purposes of this website are to:

Reform online debate.

Make it so people never have to start a brainstorming session over from scratch.

Collect all of the reasons to agree or disagree with each idea.

Organize all of the reasons to agree or disagree with each idea.

Put the best reasons at the top.

Force people to follow successful methods taught in dispute resolution.

Disputing sides should meet at a common table. This means that you don't have a "pro" website, and an "anti" website. Both sides have one website, with "pro" beliefs in one column and "anti" beliefs in another. People should be able to see both sides.

Before you vote "anti" you should have to evaluate the best "pro" reasons, forcing people to not just think about reasons that support their side.

Reward people who think clearly.

Reward people who take un-popular beliefs that turn out to be more popular, when more thoroughly investigated.

Track idea's popularity over time, similar to a stock's performance over time.

Promote futures markets where people are able to invest real money in ideas, similar to how they currently invest money in stocks and the outcome of sporting events.

Build sophisticated algorithms that promote good ideas similar to how Google promotes good WebPages.

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