reformer with results

Mitt Romney is a reformer with results

  1. By successfully brokering legislation that promises to "solve" the health care problem in Massachusetts, Romney has instantly become, in President Bush's long-since-forgotten slogan from 2000, a "reformer with results."
  2. After Hurricane Katrina, David Ignatius hit upon the public's desire for a " party of performance." Mitt Romney, more than any of the other candidates is aquainted with success.
  3. Given the continuing turmoil in Iraq and the Bush administration's manifest failure to tackle health care, there's every reason to believe that the next president will be a domestic problem-solver, not an ideologue or a sweeping visionary.
  4. In this contest, an energetic executive like Romney has inherent advantages over inside-the-beltway players like John McCain, Bill Frist and George Allen.