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Romney Can Return Fiscal Sanity To The US

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Romney Can Return Fiscal Sanity To The U.S.

By: Tony Stickland

Ventura County Star


Tuesday, Mar 27, 2007




"As a lifelong fiscal conservative, I feel the greatest dangers to our country's continued strength and influence are easily found in our nation's capital – overspending and overtaxation. The bedrock principle of the Republican Party used to be fiscal discipline, but in the past few years, we have lost our way."




"Romney stands alone as the only presidential candidate with specific proposals to bring fiscal sanity back to Washington:


- He knows that tax increases only make it easier to spend. Romney was the first major 2008 presidential candidate to sign the 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge,' meaning he will oppose efforts to hike taxes. He also supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent and repealing the death tax.


- As governor of one of the nation's most liberal states, he tirelessly fought to cut Massachusetts' income tax - something the state's voters had agreed to, but which the Democratic-led Legislature had resisted. He turned a $250 million retroactive tax increase into a tax refund, cleaning up a mess that would have unfairly penalized taxpayers and sent a chilling message to businesses.


- As governor, Romney was not afraid to use his line-item veto authority often to eliminate millions in wasteful spending. He believes the president should have this powerful line-item veto authority.


- As president, Romney would cap growth in nondefense discretionary spending at the rate of inflation minus 1 percent. He would push for presidential authority to spend up to 25 percent less than Congress appropriates in a spending bill, and he would lead a top-to-bottom review of all government spending."




"Who among the candidates is best prepared to dig us out of this hole and allow America to maintain its status as a force for good in the world? The answer is clear: Romney is the right man for the job."


- Tony Strickland, of Moorpark, served three terms in the California Assembly. He also served as president of the California Club for Growth, a taxpayer advocacy group. His wife, Audra Strickland, is the 37th District assemblywoman.


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