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Romney Gaining In Horry, Poll Says

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Romney Gaining In Horry, Poll Says

By: Kelly Marshall Fuller

Myrtle Beach Sun-News


Sunday, Apr 15, 2007


"A straw poll taken at Saturday's Republican convention showed that Mitt Romney is gaining support in Horry County during his bid for the White House.


"Romney, who hopes to become the Republican candidate for president, is one of several politicians to visit the Grand Strand long before the January primary in South Carolina."




"Romney, who campaigned with his wife, Ann Romney, said he is a conservative candidate who believes in family values and controlled spending.


"He also supports the addition of more military personnel and the revamping of immigration laws.


"Romney also spoke in support of a fence along the U.S. border to cut down some illegal immigration.


"'I'm a social conservative and an economic conservative,' Romney said. 'We have some work to do. We need to invest in more troops and more military spending.'"




"Straw poll results from Saturday's Horry County Republican Convention


Mitt Romney | 39 percent


John McCain | 22 percent


Fred Thompson | 9 percent


Rudy Giuliani | 8 percent


Duncan Hunter | 6 percent


Newt Gingrich | 4 percent"


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