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Romney is a conservative on the media

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Romney is a conservative on the media.

Reasons to agree

  1. "We have two factions of media in Boston. On the one hand, we have the Hillary-loving, Ted Kennedy apologists. And on the other, we have the liberals."
  2. During a press conference this week about removing some Massachusetts Turnpike tolls, a Boston Globe reporter rambled through an elaborate, jargon-laced soliloquy that was interrupted by Romney when it became clear there was no question in sight. Reporter: "With so much unknown, economically, ah, when it comes to the common wealth's roads, with, um, the dollar amount on the big dig repairs, and anything that is found in the review unknown, um, with, ah, outside agencies saying that almost every, ah, transportation agency in the state is facing a, ah, budget deficit, and with your own transportation finance commission, ah, ah, recommending, ah, keeping the western tolls in place among a number of other different options, why then is the administration forgoing possible revenue and actually adding to the transportation burden of the common wealth…" Romney: "Do you have a point of view on this?" Romney joked. Laughter: Romney: "Or is that a question?" Stunned Reporter: "I represent the people, governor." What does that have to do with anything? OK so the reporter thinks that he represents the people. How to reporters best "represent the people?" Advocacy? Pick a side and advocate? If the media's job is to advocate for a certain position, how are they any different than a political party? This is an even better question with Massachusetts the Boston Globe. What difference there between the positions of the Boston Globe and the DNC? That would be the great thing about Romney as president. You wouldn't need someone smart and articulate to stand up to liberal insanity. Anyways, Romney, continued: Romney: "No I represent the people. You represent the media. You're supposed to be unbiased."
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-S9Ntek9QE



The media does not go into very much depth in their portrait of the issues 


Reasons to disagree

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