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Romney is conservative on abortion

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Romney is conservative on abortion

Reasons to agree

  1. Romney vetoed bills that authorized embryo farming. See 2005-07-26 Editorial
  2. Romney vetoed bills that authorized therapeutic cloning. See 2005-07-26 Editorial
  3. Romney vetoed bills that authorized Plan B emergency contraception. See 2005-07-26 Editorial
  4. Romney vetoed bills that redefinition when life was going to begin. See 2005-07-26 Editorial
  5. Actions speak louder than words. See 2005-07-26 Editorial
  6. Romney was in the very most liberal state. Yelling abortion is murder may have gotten him some conservative street cred, but it would not help the conservative cause in that state.
  7. Can someone be a conservative on every issue but abortion, and still be considered a conservative? The obvious answer is, yes for some people, and no for some other people. So if the word “conservative” does not have a universally accepted definition, in terms of republican politics, what is the purpose of using the label? Why not discuss the specific issues, instead of labels? We are going to have to step up our game, and be a political party of adults if we want to ever win any democrats. Let’s talk issues, not labels. Why isn’t he conservative on abortion? You are going to have to do more than state your conclusion, you are going to have to forward an argument that does not ignore the conservative things that he has done, with life, like veto all those bills…


Reasons to disagree

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